Sunday, December 22, 2013

Reflecting On My 2013 Goals

A lot has been happening in The Land of the Awesome that have kept me from focusing on my blog. 

Reflecting on the goals that I had created for myself is a great way to move forward and create goals for 2014. Here were my long term goals for 2013...let's see how I did. 

Long term goals and activities for 2013

Weight Watcher goals: (In May I cancelled my WW membership. I hadn't used the tools for two months prior to canceling my membership. )
- Each month track at least 27 days.
- Follow my routines: Get 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep each night, know how I am going to be active the next day and put my fork down and sip water between bites.
- Submit my success story by July
- Lots of water
- Reach my ActiveLink daily goal at least 5 times a week.

- Enter Onderland (Did not happen)

Biking goals:
Purchase a new bike... fixed gear and 28 inch tires. Purchased bike arrived on 1/7/2013 (Don't worry Lenny is not going anywhere.)
- Participate in the following Bike Tour: Five Boro, Tour de Staten Island, Tour de Brooklyn, Tour de Queens, Century (35mile) and Tour de Bronx. 
- Attend a few social rides
- Create a social ride
- Attend a Track or Die NYC Alley Cat Race (Maybe participate in one)
- Go to Bike Fetish Day

Running Goals:
- Participate in the NYRR 9+1 (Yeah, you read that right.) (Yes!!! I completed this by June.)
- Participate in the following NYRR races: 5 Borough Series, Gridiron Classic, Coogan's 5K, Run As One, Race to Deliver and Jingle Bell Jog  (Yes, I did all of them except the Jingle Bell Jog)
- Run/Walk with my Bestie

Personal Goals:
- Defeat my inner emotional eating demon (Still working on this one)
- Get a full length mirror and take pictures of myself in front of it
- Go on more family outings (YES!!)
- Spent more time with my friends (YES!!)
- Make some more friends (I've made more than enough friends while running races.)

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