Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Small Steps Towards Awesomeness

After 12 months of being in a CPSE classroom with a teacher that did not care about pushing students towards greatness...I gave up on the fight. I fought so much that I didn't want to fight anymore. I know that I shouldn't have ive up but there was so much happening in my world that I need to stop fighting all the battles. Many times I wanted to pulled her out of school and have her with a baby sitting that just watched her. It was really the same. I didn't do it because I didn't want to effect her Turning Five progress.

So I waited.....

I waited for Little'S Al turning Five IEP meeting. I knew the IEP team from Big Al's turning Five. These are the type of people you want on your side. They will fight for these that are willing to fight along there side. 

The gave us two options for kindergarden: Community School 12:1+1 with a 1:1 para or District 75 6:1+1 with all spectrum kids. 

After a lot of thinking. May be even too much thinking I picked District 75. 

One month of school has passed. 

This is the greatest decision I have made in Little Al CSE life. She has a teacher that completely LOVES her job. They is a teacher is change the lives of children. It has been a few short weeks but you can see major changes in Little Al's behavior. She is very calm when she comes home from school. She is happy to go to school. She calls her teacher, "The Favorite Teacher Ever." 

The icing on the cake is this quickly written note in the communication notebook. 

This is Little Al's year to shine. 

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