Monday, October 7, 2013

ING New York City Marathon 2013

First things first....I am not running the New York City Marathon this year. I was tempted to sign up when it first opened up in the spring. I didn't because I know I am not where near ready to do something like that without getting hurt.

With that being say....

I am still involved in the happening surrounding this year's marathon. In the summer time I am applied to be apart of the medals crew. I thought it would be exciting to hand out medals again. It would be more special handing out medals to the marathon since I have gain a community of friends since handing out medals at the NYC Half. When I applied I thought the process was going to be the same as the Half. Well it wasn't. Apparently, everyone wants to hand out the medals. Something like 300 people applied to do it. When I read this I was floored. I guess everyone wants to be down with the excitement of the big day. After reading that email that I had to wait a month to find out if I got picked I kind of gave up hope on being picked. Really...why would they pick me? I am just like everyone else that applied. Maybe not...I did have a volunteering for medals for the NYC Half on my side.

When the day came I've must have checked my email 1,000 times. When the evening arrived and I didn't hear anything from NYRR, I figured that I wasn't getting to it. It was ok not handing out medals. I was off that day and I could have spent the day cheering on the crowd. I checked my email one last time with the hope that I would see some good news.

I GOT IT!!!!!

I started jumping around the living room like a crazy person trying not to scream because the kids were asleep ready. Tears started pouring down my face. I was going to be apart of a lot of brave souls finish line story. A lot of those braves souls were going to be my friends and buddies.

When I completed my plus 1 during the NYC Half it changed my running life. It changed my view of the running community. It was a great feeling to give medals to runners that earned it. Emotions and excitement fill the air. Love and pride every where you turned. I got to give friends hugs and medals when they finished their 13.1 miles. I expect November 3, 2013 to be even more intense. Each person will be running their very own 26.2 miles. Everyone has there own story for each step that is taken. To all my friends, followers and reader that have those 26.2 miles waiting for them....I WILL be waiting for you at the finish line. With tears in my eyes, a shiny medal in my hand and a loving mommy hug for your accomplishment. 

You think I would get enough excitement out of handing out the medals. I applied for a Facebook contest that NYRR was running a few weeks ago. "The ING New York City Marathon is seeking 20 official social reporters to snap eye-catching Instagrams and produce top-notch tweets from the ground of the five boroughs of New York City." Does that not scream The Awesome Mom? I gave it a shot. I wasn't going to loose anything since I was already doing medals. I applied. I don't even remember what I wrote on the application. It was all a blur. I didn't read the fine print to know when I would find out if I get picked. I just sent it off and hope for the best. 

So.....earlier this evening I was pulling out my running gear for a double header race weekend I have this weekend. I stopped for a moment to check my email. My email loaded and....I screamed.....


I kept saying holy crap while reading and re-reading the email. I started jumping up, down and all around when it clicked in my brain. I ran up to my husband and hugged him. Back to jumping. I walked back into my bedroom and started to cry when it all hit me.....

I have selected to be an Official ING New York City Marathon Social Media Reporter!!! This is crazy! Not only am I doing medals....I am a flippin' social reporter!!!!! I officially get to share my prospective as a Bronxite the days leading up to, during and after the ING New York City Marathon! Is this for real? 

YES IT IS!!!!! 

I quickly responded to the email and applied for my credentials. It's on baby. I am going to be eating breathing and living marathon. I feel so awesome being giving this opportunity. I am not going to let NYRR down. 

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