Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bronx 10-Mile 2013

If you are an Instgram follower you already now that I had been anticipating the Bronx 10-mile for a very very long. This race means so much to me. It was the my first 10- miler and it was on my turf. My first Bronx race! The middle of the Grand Concourse and Mosholu Parkway was closed down for me and 8,000 of my closet friends. I decided that I was going to take on my home town race wearing my Wonder Woman-like running gear.

Sunday morning I rolled out of bed, did my morning routine and pre-race prep and called a cab.The best part of running in the Bronx was I didn't have to worry about The MTA Gods controlling my travels. It took me about 10 minutes to get to the baggage area from my apartment. (Seriously, We need more Bronx races.)

Upon arrival, I sat and focused myself. I put my crown on and told myself that I got this. I had done 9 miles just one week prior to the race and my pacing had improved greatly. There was no fear of me getting picked up by the sweep bus.

When I walked to my corral I took my pre-race picture. Don't I look awesome!
The first person that recognized me was Liz S., @RosaBlanca5. She will be running the New York City Marathon this year! 

After some searching, I found my amazing race buddy Alnardo, @Serious06. The last race we ran together was back in June. It feels longer than that. He spent the month of September completing the trifeta of Spartan Races. He completed the last one the day before the Bronx race. He is truly amazing. I am proud of you brother.
Next up...Jeanne, @HeyJDubs. She is a fellow last corral runner. We started communicating via Instagram and ran passed each other at the Queens 10k. She completed a bunch of races along the East Coast. She claimed that she hasn't been training and didn't feel confident about this race. I think she is crazy. She has been running like a Last Corral champ. I told her that this race is going to be awesome.

Jay, @jaydenson, stopped by to say hello. It was great meeting another runner of the Bronx.

As the corrals started to get closer to each other Valerie, @vrtorres912, caught up to me and Alnardo. Gosh, she is a tiny person. I had to squat down to take a picture with her.

Soon to follow was Kathy, @Kata_razzi. She is a fellow Weight Watcher and blogger (NYC Runner Girl). Kathy and I will be handing out the medals at the New York City Marathon together. I can't wait for that day to get here!

As the crowd started moving forward I started to get very hyped. This was about to happen. Finally this day is here. I get to prove to myself that I can and will do these 10 miles in The Awesome Mom fashion. This race is my guide to completing the Staten Island Half taking place in two weeks. What ever ups and downs I feel at this race will with adjust for the half.

In August, I started training for the Staten Island Half. I did everything I needed to ensure that I will have a new personal record at Staten Island Half. Three weeks ago I fell off my bike. I sprained my ankle. I followed doctor's orders and managed to get back onto my training schedule a one and a half weeks before this race. I was so worried that I was going to be out of commission for the rest of my racing calendar.

It was time to go. Time to make my borough proud of me. I completed my first mile in 11:12! Amazing!

In no time Joe, @JoMak_ny, caught up to me. He is my new BFF. We have been talking fitness, races, running and cycling since meeting him at the Percy Sutton a month ago. He slowed down just enough to take our awkward picture. He made it to the race after only a few hours of sleep. He party-ed hard the night before with his wife at the Electric Race. We gave each other a little boost after seeing one and another.
Picture taken by Joe
There was one person I was waiting to pass me by...Sheryl of course. Sheryl was somewhere in the last corral with me but there were so many people around so we didn't see each other in the corral. She found me on the course.
Picture taken by Sheryl
We took our action shot together. I love my Sheryl collection of action shots. She always captures my bewbs in motion. (I am cracking up so hard right now.) My bewbs always come up in conversation at one point or another because they are at Sheryl's eye level. She is so awesome!
Photo taken by Sheryl
I kept going after she ran away from me. I was completely distracted by all front runners and faster runners running the loop back on the Grand Concourse. That made the next few miles easier. However I noticed shin pain starting to set in. They means that I was going way too fast. The pace for miles 2, 3 & 4 were 12:30; 12:31 and 11:51 respectively. This pacing was the fastest I have ever done at a race. Right around mile 5 J.Dubs caught to me. She started to do interval pacing of 1minute run and 1minute walk. She was feeling the burn. She was doing a great job keeping up her pacing.

I have no idea what mile I was at when I saw my co-worker, Ms. Sonders. She is at almost all these races. She is so sweet and patient. It's always great to see her.

After that....I was alone. I was left with myself, my thoughts and my pain. I felt shin pain around mile 3 and ankle pain started to set in at mile 7. I felt like I was out of sync with my body. I turned off the music and turned on my timing app. For 20 minutes I ran 1 minute and walked 1 minute. Once the 20 mins passed. I took my earbuds out. No music, no timing app, no pacing app.....just listening to my body. Suddenly I was at mile 8.5. I didn't have far to go. I slowly heading to the finish line.

At mile 9, Alnardo called me. I didn't pick up. We played a little phone tag....I finally text him. "At mile 9.7." He texted back, "I'm coming." I didn't know what that meant at the time. I just kept going.

I looked up and saw.....

Sheryl and Alnardo running back out onto the course to finish the race with me. I immediately became emotional. I have so much love for these two amazing people. They waited patiently for me to cross the finish line. They have been my biggest cheerleaders throughout this year. Since we all run at different pace we will probably never cross the finish line together and have the same finishing time. This show so much unity and support. I am so happy that I have these guys by my side. (Yes, I am crying while I am typing this.)

Picture taken by J. Dubs
As I crossed the finish line I could not hold back the tears. I finished. The miles were not easier....they were better.

I had no idea that J.Dubs snapping pictures and recording my finish line. I realized she was there when I stopped. I gave her the biggest hug ever. Next up were big hugs with tears of joy for Sheryl and Alnardo. Sheryl captured my emotional hug.

I had waited so long to run this race. I wasn't one bit nervous about the 10 miles that I had in front of me that morning. I wasn't worried about pain or blusters or even losing a toe nail. I knew that 8 weeks of Staten Island Half training had prepared me for this race on my turf.  I am humbled by my accomplishment. 

After I wiped the tears away I became very hyper! I wanted to take pictures with EVERYONE!!!! 

We caught up with Sheryl's great friend, Saville and took a few pictures with him and his crew.

We caught up to the very inspiring, James Lu. He is 75 years old. He started running at the age of 59 years old. He is at each and every NYRR race. I gave him his medal at the NYC Half and I plan on giving him his medal at the NYC Marathon. Even if I have to fight for it.

When I got back home, I did what I always do. I grab my tape and stick my bib on to my victory wall and returned to be regular old mommy.

If you would have told me this time last year that I would have complete so many races I would have told you you were crazy. I was never a's amazing how things change so easily.  

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