Monday, September 23, 2013

I Think I Need New PJs

Yesterday I experience a great moment in my weight loss journey. Well I was wearing my pjs, like I always do when I am home. I went to sit down on the sofa pjs fell clear off my bunz!!!

I stated wearing these pjs bottom again a few months ago. It is one of the smaller sizes that I own. I have own them since 2005. After gaining a lot of weight, I stopped wearing them. I held on to them because they were in great condition and I hoped that I would be able to fit into them again.

I was very excited the day I put it on and it fit again.

Now....These pants for too big. I like this problem. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Soccer... Big Green Style.

Today was the start of South Bronx United soccer season.

This season is Big Al's 2nd season and Little Al's very first season. Big Bea is not interesting in running around playing soccer nor getting sweaty.

There is no pressure for Little Al to play. If she doesn't want to play and wants to just sit out, she can. Big Al doesn't really have that option. He has play before and it loves it. If the coach decides to sit him out of rotation is the only reason he would sit if her is in good health.

When we got on the field this morning, I refreshed the kids on the rules of the game. Big Al really enjoy kicking the ball to me. He giggled a lot. Little Al would scream KICK!!! and NO HANDS!!!

I didn't want to wear Little Al down before her coach got on the field. The first three weeks of soccer her normal coach will be out of town.

Little Al tired very hard to stay with the team for the first half.

She gave up playing for a bagel. Big Al waiting impatiently for his turn. He was confused about the colors and age range. He is in the older age group of player but he has the same uniform color as Little Al. He wanted to play on Little Al's team so badly.

Finally! It was Big Al's turn on the field. The sub coach was an Aussie. He was so full of energy and talked super fast. I kind of wish he was our regular coach.

When Big Al took the field he remembered everything from last season. During practice he was able to control the ball during practice. He was totally focused. He had his game face on.

He was able to keep up with his teammates. He actually assisted a teammate and passed the ball to him. It was so awesome to see.

Overall it was an amazing day. There is only one down fall to it. I was sitting on the turf for over two hours. My body parts were falling asleep. I have to create a plan of action for the rest of the season.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August 2013 In A Nut Shell

Hello blog readers!

I have been a busy beaver for the month of August. Here are some of the events and happening for August.

The last time I posted I had auditioned to be a plus sized model. I did not get picked. However I did get this awesome head shot of me.

Big Al turned the big 7.

The husband was away for two weeks for annual military training. I am happy he is back. 

Big Al and Little Al explored NYBG....again.

They also explored the Bronx Zoo. 

I got my bike portrait taken by Dmitry Gudkov at Summer Streets NYC. 

I found me a Bronx Mama at NYBG.

Big Al and Little Al explored The Studio Museum of Harlem.

 I met Joe at the Percy Sutton 5k.

 I found me a Kathy at the Percy Sutton 5K.

 I completed a virtual half marathon. 

 The kiddies enjoy the beach.

Big Al completed a summer of swimming.

We explored and got lost in the Guggenheim.