Sunday, August 4, 2013

Manik Magazine: NYC Model Call

Yesterday was an exciting day in the Land of the Awesome. I attended an plus size model call. This model call was being held by Manik Mag. "Manik Magazine is an online publication for the stylishly-conscious curvaceous woman - delivering the latest in beauty, health, fashion and entertainment." (Manik Magazine, 2013) 

This image is the property of Manik Mag
I first saw the ad for this model call on Manik Mag Instagram back in June. When I saw the add I didn't know if I should even try to register. I showed my husband the add and he said I would regret not doing it. This is true about me now. I love trying new things. I don't want to miss out on a new experience. So I submitted the email for the registration. The weeks leading the day I was worried about what do wear and how to do my make up. I really didn't tell anyone that I was going to be doing this. I didn't want to jinx it. 

I slowly started letting my friends and family know about my coming adventure. They were super excited. Of course they are biased and they all say that I am going to land a spot. I told them all thank you for loving me so much but it's up to the panel to who they are going to pick. 

The day before I was a nervous wreck. I didn't know what I was going to do with my messing hair. I didn't know what I was going to wear. I didn't know what shoes I was going to wear. I settled on wear a black dress that I picked up from Dress Barn and black heels. I asked my sister to do my make up for me. She likes that girlie stuff plus she is really great at it. I spent a few hours straightening out my long hair. At about hour 2.5 was when I realized that I really need a hair cut. 

I ended up going to sleep well after midnight thanks to my butterflies. My body gave up and I passed out while playing Candy Crush. 

My sister made it to my apartment bright and early. She was just as excited about this as I was. I had tons of nervous energy. I kept walking back and forth in my apartment. My sister kept laughing at me. 
My sister got busy with my face. She did an amazing job covering up the break out I was suffering from. 

I flew out the door and heading straight to the MTA. Of course the MTA gods knew that I needed to be calm before I went on my adventure....service disruptions as far as the eye can see on the 2 and 5 line. I took my time and listened carefully. I made it to W 14th Street just in time. 

You need to know one thing about me...I am terrible at finding my direction when I come out of a train station. I have to travel to the same place about half a dozen times before I can get it right. When I got out of the train station I had no idea where I was going. I took at my phone out, opened my map app and hoped for the best. I walked about 20 feet and saw a line of women across the street. I totally knew that's where I needed to me. 

My butteries was going crazy. I didn't want to look at the other women on line. I didn't want to scare myself even more. I had my glasses off. That worked in my favor because I couldn't see what I didn't want to see. 

We all walked up the stairs to the waiting area. The waiting had begun. I was way in the back of the room so I was going to be waiting for a long long time. 
Everyone started putting on their high heels and prepping themselves for their turns. I was so nervous I just kept checking my phone for text and email. My family and friends were sending my cheers and well wishes. The one down fall was sitting in those short chairs. Even if I didn't have the high heels on I would have been uncomfortable. That is a tall girl problem. 

While waiting you could totally pick out those who were professional at plus size modeling. They all kind of knew each other and/or seen each other to an open call that was held the day before. It was great to see them interact with each other. I felt like I was in a room full of super stars. I took it all in. 
The waiting continued....

You can't help but to socialize with those around you while waiting. I found out that plenty of us in the back of the room were from the Bronx. That is awesome! After a while we all started making so much noise. For a moment it got quiet and one of the ladies said we need some music. She put on Harlem Shake. We all proceeded to do the Harlem Shake. It was very funny and relaxing. When it was time for us to line up in the small hallway outside of the panel room, we all were excited to get up. We got into that hallway and we seem to have gotten louder. I guess it was the butterflies getting the best of us....well I know it was my butterflies

In the blink of an eye it was my turn. I walked in and was super duper nervous. The panel asked me questions about my blog. I asked them the best way I could. My voice gave away my nervousness. I walked to the back of the room for my picture and then I was done. 

This experiences was an unforgettable one. It was a very good decision going to this model call. Even if I don't get picked to work for Manik Mag at least I tried. I put myself out there. This is a huge step in my self confidence. The old me would have never done something like this. I am very proud of myself. 

Now all I can do is wait. 

We find out on August 12th who was picked. They may fill all 13 spots they need or they may not. 

August 12th needs to hurry up and get here already.

What Is Left.

The last remaining baby related items in my apartment. I called this my extreme breast feeding kit. I get can't seem to let go of this. This reminds me of how quickly I had to become a strong mother. 

I was 8 months pregnant when I started Big Al evaluations. At the time my husband my away at marine corp training. I had to deal with my pregnancy and evaluations all at the same time all alone. 

A few weeks after Little Al was born early intervention services started for Big Al. I was determined that I was going to breast feed Little Al the entire time I was on maternity leave....I did it. 

2008 was the year I earned my Super Mom and/or Awesome mom status. 

Now what I am going to so with this stuff? Having another child is not in the card. When I open is baby up it smells like new baby. I love that smell......Who's having another baby? I want to smell me some BABY!! 

Queens 10K 2013

July was officially the month of Queens.  The Tour de Queens and the Queens 10k were both held in July. Queens is not a borough that I go to very much but when I do it's always fun. 

The Queens 10k was an amazing race. I got to see a lot of my IG runner friends and followers. Here are the highlights to that race. 

The sky was beautiful in the Bronx. The days leading to the race a terrible heat wave crossed NYC. I was very worried that our race was going to be downgraded. Lucky for us the temps cooled down making it perfect summer racing weather. 

I worn a red tank top and navy Team Sparkle running skirt. This combo was perfect for.....

being Wonder Women! I was extremely excited that I was running as Wonder Women. 

I got to see my very favorite runner before the race started. Sheryl looks super short in this picture. She is 5-2 and I am 5-8. She will always be at boob eye line. HA! This is was Sheryl 9th race. This qualifies her to the 2014 New York City Marathon. 

I think I smiled the entire race. 

I just keeps smiling. 

The greatest part of the race was running the last 0.2 miles with Sheryl. 

I enjoyed spending some time with Alexie after the race.