Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kung Fu Panda!

Brace yourself for awesome action and legendary laughs in this fun-filled animated TV series based on the Academy Award®-Nominated hit movie Kung Fu Panda! As the chosen Dragon Warrior and sworn protector of the Valley of Peace, Po the panda is highly skilled, ever vigilant and hungry for justice...and dumplings.  Together with the Furious Five—Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Crane and Viper—Po must fend off fierce villains, including an evil version of himself (courtesy of the Mystical Mirror of Yin and Yang) and the toothy Croc Bandits!

More than two hours of adventure including:

·         Good Croc Bad Croc
·         The Princess and the Po
·         Chain Reaction
·         Bad Po
·         Jailhouse Panda
·         Father Crime
·         Po Fans Out

Croc Crackdown Game:
The adventure continues with the interactive online game, “Croc Crackdown!”  Fans will play as Po in this fast-paced and addictive arcade-style game in order to protect the Noodle Shop from the evil crocs. Each DVD set comes with a unique code allowing fans to join the action, unlock power-ups and find exclusive downloads. Do you have what it takes to be the Dragon Warrior?

Street Date:
June 18, 2013
Prebook Date:
May 22, 2013
Screen Format:
Widescreen 1.78:1
English 5.1 Dolby Digital
Spanish: Dolby Surround
French: Dolby Surround
English, Spanish, French
U.S. Rating:
Total Run Time:
154 minutes
Closed Captioned:

About Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, LLC (TCFHE) is a recognized global industry leader and a subsidiary of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, a News Corporation company. Representing 75 years of innovative

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Leaving Weight Watchers

I have thought about leaving Weight Watchers for some time now. This afternoon I officially cancelled my online membership. I joined Weight Watchers on January 30, 2011. I didn't actually use the online tools until seven months after I joined. I used the summer of 2011 to change my thinking about being healthy and happy. It took the rest of 2011 to become a Weight Watcher super star in my eyes. When I read rumbles about WW releasing ActiveLink I ordered mine as soon as it was available in my region. My ActiveLink helped me push my motivation. I would to earn those points. 

Along the way I e-met and met some very amazing WW members. Members at all different stages in their progress. I became apart of this awesome WW community. Without WW I would have never known these individuals. 

Fast forward to now. I am apart of a better community of healthy living and awesomeness. I feel that this is my chance to explore pass WW. WW gave me the basic tools of leading a healthier life. I am going to use those tools for my next chapter in my weight loss journey. 

I plan on using Lose It!  to track my calories. I am also getting a Fitbit Zip to track my activity. 

The best has yet to come. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Little Al and Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is strong with this one.

All three kids have had separation anxiety at one point in their young lives. Big Bea and Big Al got over it very quickly. They have learned how to put on their brave face with it comes to leaving Mommy and going to a new place. Nowadays the brave face is not needed. They kind of just run away from me now and I have  to do the brave face.

Little Al's anxiety is very bad. When I am off at one of my races and she is with Daddy, she pretty much shuts down. She doesn't eat and doesn't explore any place outside of her bedroom. She cries at the drop of a dime.

"Good Morning, Little Al." says Daddy.

"WAAAAAAAA!!!!!" says Little Al.

Even when I leave in the morning to go to work she goes nutty. She doesn't want to be left behind. I don't know what to do but to let her cry. She doesn't want to listen to anyone or anything once she realizes that we have reached that time of day when it time to part ways. I tried prepping her by coaching positive emotions and tell her step by step what is going to happen. She doesn't really show understanding to what I am saying.

When she is with me she is carefree. Nothing can burst the autism happy bubble she is in. When Mommy isn't around that bubble pops.

What do you do when your child has a separation anxiety moment?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mambo101 Dance Studio

Sometime in November I saw a Groupon for Salsa classes at Mambo101 on E188 Street off of the Grand Concourse  This dance studio was very close to home and the price was very great deal. I signed myself and my BBB up for the Groupon. I procrastinated all the way until my Groupon nearly expired to use it. 

When I arrived to the studio was a little bit scared. It is in the basement of a professional building in a very busy part of the Bronx. What the heck was I getting myself into?  My BBB wasn't able to make it to the first class. I was on my own....not really. There were 20 others there starting this adventure with me. 

We were introduced to our dance institutor  Peto.(I think that's how it's spelled.) He was a former student of the owner. It was his first day back at the studio after a long break. We were giving the rules and off we went. 

I really didn't think on that first day that I was going to so excited about learning to dance Salsa. When my Groupon was complete I had to make a choice....Give it up or keep going. I decided to keep going. That was a great choice. 

Week after week I learned a new step and a new turn. I bounded with my classmates and institutors. Peto made us sweat. He made us work. He made us laugh. Every Wednesday night after class I would show my husband my new moves. 

Last night was my last night of class. I have to stop because my husband new work schedule doesn't allow for consistency. This makes me very sad. I don't want to stop. I am in too deep. I am apart of this little dance family now. 

I will be back. I don't know when but I will be. 

If you are in the NYC area I highly recommend this dance studio. They staff is amazing and friendly. It is truly a no judgement zone. Everyone is there to learn to dance and to have fun. 

I was not compensated for this blog post. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

#DisneyPlanes #ArribaPlanes

My kids flipped and flapped out when they saw the trailer to "Disney's Planes."

From above the world of “Cars” comes “Disney’s Planes,” an action-packed 3D animated comedy adventure featuring Dusty (voice of Dane Cook), a plane with dreams of competing as a high-flying air racer. But Dusty’s not exactly built for racing—and he happens to be afraid of heights. So he turns to a seasoned naval aviator who helps Dusty qualify to take on the defending champ of the race circuit. Dusty’s courage is put to the ultimate test as he aims to reach heights he never dreamed possible, giving a spellbound world the inspiration to soar. “Disney’s Planes” takes off in theaters on Aug. 9, 2013. 

For more information, check out, like us on Facebook: and follow us on Twitter:

We are definitely looking forward to see this movie for Little Al's birthday. 

I was not compensated for this blog post. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Brooklyn Half 2013

The day arrived. The day where Amy had to run the Brooklyn Half.

I set my alarm to 4am. I planned on heading down to Brooklyn with Alnardo. I pulled myself out of the bed to find that he had been texting me saying that he was on his way to me. I was NOT ready. I threw EVERYTHING in a bag, put my clothes on and flew out of the door. If I didn't leave with him I would be at the mercy of the MTA gods. There's a history of that not going too well. Seriously.

I was very happy that I didn't get left behind. Because I rushed out of the apartment I had to put my tape on on the run and half asleep. I surprisingly did a great job especially since I was doing it in a moving car.

Alnardo had planned on parking near the finish line so that he and his family wouldn't have to travel back to the start when the race was over. It turns out that I wasn't the only one that was half asleep. Alnardo ended up missing the exit to get on the Belt Parkway before the Verrazano Bridge. We had the pleasure of crossing the Verrazano Bridge and seeing the sunrise over Brooklyn. It was breath taking. 

When we got to Coney Island I noticed that my shoe laces were day-glow.
We quickly walked to the Q and found a plantform full of runners. I didn't take a picture. I should have.
We boarded the train and got to Eastern Parkway faster then thought we would. It's great to have a friend to go on these adventures with.
As we got to the corrals, we got to smell the wonderful smells of the port-a-potties lining the corrals. That was so gross!!! Alnardo was in the a corral with a lower number. He was kind enough to walk over to my corral with me. He is a great race buddy.
We waited for Alnardo's friend Sheldon. Eventually he showed up. He was very nervous. Alnardo was nervous too but he was amped that the same time. He was bouncing round. This made Sheldon antsy. I swear he was going to punch him.
Our start time was 7:35am but we didn't cross the start line until about 8am. My allergies was making it difficult to breathe. I was trying so hard to get pass it but I didn't want to pass out.

The guys run along side of me for the first three miles. They coached and cheered me on the whole time. I didn't want them to pace as slow as me the whole time. I told them to on without me once we made it to the third mile and I'll see them at the finish line.

Because of the guys I was able to keep a 13:25 pace for the first 5K. That set the tone for the next ten miles. Before the guys pulled away from me, Alnardo told me to stuck with the lady in the purple shirt. She was internal running and she was pacing like me. I took it to heart. 

Before entering the park and lovely Caribbean lady was walking the path and cheering everyone that passed her. She wasn't apart of the race. She was there to show her support for Brooklyn. Her passionate cheering brought tears to my eyes. 

As I turned into the park I noticed that my MapMyRun app was not working probably. The pull in data use at the start jacked me up. It didn't track two of the miles I ran already. My pacing was off track and felt a little lost. The app was still talking to me every five minutes but it was terrible. 

When I reached the mile four mark I touched the sign. This is going to be my motivation. I touched the sign at 51 minutes. That was quicker then my 4 mile race the week before. After that Prospect Park was a blur. I took no pictures in the park. 

At about the 5.5 mile mark the "last" runner approached me. When he said that I ran away from him. I didn't want to be near him. I ran as fast as my body would let me. When I reached the 6 mile maker I reached for the sign. The sign was higher then the rest of the signs. I had to jump to touch it. The last runner cheered me on when I touched it. I slowed down and ran by his side. He asked me how did it feel to jump. I said "Awesome!" of course. We paced together for a short while and I started to drift back. I was a little worry. I didn't know what to except when I left the park. Was I going to be pick up and brought to the start? I just kept going. 

When I exited the park the beautiful marshell standing there told me to keep going. I wasn't going to be pick up. That gave me a little boost to run down the ramp to Ocean Parkway. While going up and down the ramp I started to get a terrible pain in my right big toe. I just knew that I broke the toe nail. It was a familiar feeling from the Manhattan Half. I just kept going. 

As I kept going I was on the look out for purple shirt runner. I did not see her. I lost the person I was suppose to pace with. As I reached up and touched mile marker sign 8 I hear someone laughing behind me. I turned around and it was....
It was purple shirt Black Girls Run runner. We paced back and fourth between mile maker 8 and 9. She passed me around 8.7 miles. At that point my big toe was screaming at me to stop. The pain was radiating up my foot to my ankle. At one point I stopped and looked down at my sneakers. There was no blood bleeding out of my shoe. Tears started to flow down my face. I wanted to stop. I saw the medical tent right next to mile marker 9. I convinced myself that I needed to touch the sign and give up. Those worker in the tent were cheering. I wiped the tears away and touched the sign. I didn't walk towards the tent. I kept going. I caught up and passed purple shirt runner. 

At around 9.5 miles I saw a familiar person. It was the Caribbean lady that I saw before I entered the park. I told her that I remembered her from earlier in the race. She went on to say that this was a great I was doing. She asked me what I was going to do when I got home later. I told her that I was going to give my kids the biggest hug ever. She said that I am setting a great for my children. She cheered me on as I picked up speed to touch mile marker 10. 

Only 5k to go!!!

I started to see that purple shirt runner pull back. I could still hear her interval running beeping. I knew she was ok. 

When we arrived to Bensonhurst purple shirt runner and I were approached by "cheering" little Jewish boys. I don't know what they said to purple shirt runner but they were trying to get me to run faster. I heard one of the boys say quietly, "That ass." Really? I turned off my mommy sensor. I really wanted to turn around and correct him. I wasn't out there for that. I kept going. Then I heard, "I give you a dollar if you touch her butt." I laughed it off. Those little boys have great taste. lol 

In a flash I saw...

That meant I have only 0.7 miles to go!!! You could hear the loud cheering in the distance. Purple skirt runner was having a hard time running. She was have terrible thigh cramps. I could have gone off without her but I wanted to stick by her side. We climbed the ramp together. When we reached the boardwalk I ran as fast as my body would let me. I saw Levonda on the side line. I gave her a high five.  I headed to the finish line. I heard the MC was cheering my name for everyone to hear. 

Once I made it I waited for purple skirt runner just to hear the MC cheer her on too. I waited to high five Jackie as she crossed the finish line. She joined her follow Black Girls Run members and I kept walking down the boardwalk to get my medal. As I approached the medal volunteers I saw my supervisor when I was a medal volunteer that the NYC Half. I told the girl that was in the front of the medals line to give my medal to him. I want him to give me my medal. I reminded him who I was and he remembered me because we stomped on my name tag together at the NYC Half. He proudly gave me my medal and gave me a giant hug. He told me he was proud of me. 

As I walked away from him, a rush of emotions overcame me. I bursted into tears. I did it! I finished what I trained so hard for. I pushed myself over the last four month. I made training for this half my third job. I stopped crying for just a moment to take my finisher picture. 

I walked around to find someone I knew. I walked around slowly because I am terrible at picking people out of a crowd. I found Alnardo and Sheldon limbing away from the boardwalk. It was so awesome to see them. They were so happy that I finished. After playing some phone tag I found Levonda. It was so awesome to be spend time with my BBB. 

This experience has definity made me a stronger person. I overcame my self doubt. I focused on my goal and completed the task. I didn't come in at the time that I set for myself but I was VERY close. 

Here's my half marathon break down:
5K- Time: 0:41:41 Pace:13:24
10K - Time: 1:27:52 Pace: 14:09
15K - Time: 2:16:08 Pace: 14:36
20K - Time: 3:04:11 Pace: 14:49
Finish - Time: 3:14:29 Pace: 14:51

My pace for my first half was 15:47. I reduced my pace by 56 seconds and overall time by 21 minutes! Amazing! 

I can't wait for my next half. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

2 Days Away....

Why does my feet hurt?

My heels spurs are bugging me.

During Salsa my knee started to hurt.

Am I getting a cold?

Can I really do this?

When I ran the Manhattan Half in January I was not prepared. I didn't do enough of the right training. After learning my lesson the hard way, I have prepared myself for this half. 13 weeks of training. 13 weeks of running at least three times a week.

I want finish. I want to get my bling.

My Bestie and BBB are going to be at the finish line waiting for me. I can't wait to see them and give them both smelly, sweaty hugs. I know I am going to cry.

I am so nervous.

I want Saturday to get here.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Japan Day

Mother's Day weekend was great. I celebrated with a family run. Months ago I had decided that I want the kids to run a Kids' Race. My tweenager, Big Bea, was on the fence about doing it because she is all about books and the arts instead of sports or getting sweaty. I let her think about it and she decided that she wanted to run with Big and Little Al. Unfortunately, she got sick this weekend and could not make it. 

We all usually pack into the car and head down to NYRR HQ the Friday before a race to pick up my bib. Because she was feeling under the weather she stood home with Daddy and Little Al while I travelled to get the family bibs with Big Al. Oh man was he excited. He loves one on one time with Mommy. We traveled down and we had many conversation the whole way down there. When we go in the car the kids never go in with me. They outside with Daddy and I quickly run in and out. Going in was an amazing experience for him. See all the people rushing around up and down. He was excited when it was his turn to get his bib. He really didn't understand what the bib was for but he loved it anyway. He got his tee-shirt and counted out 12 safety pins for him and his sisters. A few people were annoyed that we were going "slow." Screw them we were having our moment. The tee-shirt guy was kind enough to take our picture.

He totally get his smile from me. 

The game plan for the family race was Daddy was going to take the kids down to Central Park before the Kids' Race and I was going to head out two hours before them for my race. In order for that to happen I had to:

1-Getting EVERYTHING ready for myself and the kids Saturday night
2-Made sure that all of Daddy's questions were answered
3-Deliver sick Big Bea to her grandmother
4-Pray that it all goes well without me there

All the excitement and worried left me sleepless. I only got 3 hours worth of sleep. I knew that this was going to affect my pace. My goal was to set a 12:45 pace. After studying my splits for the last three races, I noticed that my first two miles I can pull a 12:30 pace without a problem. On my third mile I slow down. The hills on this part of the course aide with the slower pace. I have only notice that this happens on my training runs. I tried to keep my motivation going by writing my goal on my arm. The words were almost all gone by the time I got to the corrals. 

I had everything ready for myself and the kids in record time. I was proud of myself. I usually wait until before bedtime to get ready and end up pushing back my bedtime because I take too long. I am really getting good at prepping my kinesiology tape. I cut my tape the day before which is a big morning time saver. I was able to get my taping time down to 5 minutes. 
Look at those sexy legs....nah just look at the tape. I tape for Plantar Fasclities, Heels Spurs, Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) and Knee Support. My husband calls me a poorly wrap Christmas present. This tape job is a 100 times better than my first job. 

Dear Left Foot, 
I love that I don't have to tape you. Keep up the good work.
Love, The Awesome Mom

I thought I wasn't have to make it down to Central Park early thanks to the MTA gods I made it in time. Before the race started it started to rain on and off. This led me to debate if I should run with my hoodie. When I got to the baggage area I decided to leave it. It's better to be cold than hot. 

I quickly met with my race buddy, Alnardo and his peeps. 

He really wanted it to rain. He wanted to run in the rain at Saturday's 10k. The sun came out just for him. (at both races) He had to take his rain gear off and wrap it around his waist.

I was ready to go. I kept reminding myself that I couldn't slow down after I saw the 3rd mile maker. I was pacing very will the first 10 minutes. A lady in heather gray and purple was pacing back and fourth with me. Then some where around the 1.5 mark (I think) my racing buddy, Alexie found me. He started to pace with me. That was great. He is a little faster then me but he was right there with me. We walked and jogged at the same pace for the rest of the race. We didn't talk much because I was using all my energy to run. Nonetheless, it was still great running with someone instead of by myself.

When I got to the third mile maker I had no idea what my pace was. My headphones cut out. I can't hear my stats. Of course I slowed down because of all those darn hills. Alexie and I have some great photos of us taken by the course photographers.

When the race was done I quickly went to baggage and started my search for my Bestie and my husband with the kids. Before I found them I found him.

I don't know his name but he runs ALL of the NYRR races. I even gave him his medal at the NYC Half. I want to be like him when I grow up. We had a quick chat. I asked him if he remembered me giving him his medal and he entertained me and he said yes. I can't wait to see him at the Brooklyn Half.

I head to the kids area and found my Bestie first. I am terrible at picking people out of a crowd. Like I've said many times I can only pick my kids out of a crowd. I found my husband because I spotted Little Al first. I saw her hair ties.

We split up into the age "corrals." Myself and Little Al and Daddy, Bestie and Big Al. The little guys and gals in Little Al's age group run with their parent. I ran right along with her. It was so exciting to see her run. I didn't have to drag her. She saw all the other girls running and she did the same.

We collected her ribbon and ran to get a stop to watch Big Al run. We got a great spot and Bestie got some great shots. lol

When I looked up I saw that Big Al was having an overwhelming moment. Daddy wiped away the tears and he looked focused. Then they were off!!!

Big Al was not the fastest and he didn't care. He ran! He ran just like the other boys his age. He was happy. I am so proud that he was out there. GO BIG AL GO!! I was not nervous that he was going to be lost in the crowd of little people. I taught him to stay in one place if you can not find Mommy or Daddy. Remind him of last before and after ballet class. When he got his ribbon he looked up and didn't see anything he knew. He stood right there until I got to him.

I didn't reach the goal that I set for myself but my time was awesome anyway. I paced at 13:30. That was the pace goal that I set for my last 4 mile race.
We came home and relaxed the rest of the day. I am so proud that my kids were able to handle the crowd and the excitement. Their ribbons mean a lot more then just completing a race. It represents that my kids can do anything. Autism or Sensory Integration Disorder is not going to hold them back....I am not going to either.

This was a great Mother's Day. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Brooklyn Half is almost here!

Only 6 days until the Brooklyn Half.

I am can see my goal. I am feel my goal. I am feel the course. I am listening to my body. I hear that is it really for the 13.1 miles. 

Here's the plan:

Miles: 1 - 6.2 (10K)
Pace: 13:08 minutes per mile  Time: 1 hour 21minutes

Miles 6.3-12.4 (10K)
Pace: 13:30 minutes per mile Time: 1 hour 23 minutes

Miles 12.4 - 13.1

Total time: + 2 hour and 45 minutes 

I figure I would make it over the finish line in about 3 hours. 

I plan on carrying my hydration belt with 10oz of Gatorate and 10oz of Water.  

Let's do this!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Maybe She Is Not Ready To Be In The Big Show

Everything I drop Little Al off to Creative Moment I always ask myself, "Is she ready to handle the big show?" A lot happens during the big show. There is a lot of waiting for your time to shine. There is a lot of girls and boys back stage. There is tons of excitement. More waiting to get on stage for your number. Loud music, bright lights, flashing lights and cheering from the crowd. Big Bea and Big Al were both able to handle their time in the spotlight. Will Little Al follow suit?

A few weeks back I asked her dance teacher if she was able to do it. She said yes. Little Al needs a strong led and she will do it. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders when she said that.

During day to day play time Big Bea is her strong led. She is able to follow along without a problem...well very little problem.

Mom needs to stop worrying...

She is going to do fine.

Monday, May 6, 2013

TD Five Boro Bike Tour 2013

I am pleased to announce that I successful completed the TD Five Boro Bike Tour for the 2nd time. OH YEAH!!!

I am so happy that I have another Five Boro under my belt. This year I wasn't as nervous as last year. I know what was coming and I wasn't afraid of anything. The only thing that worried me was the bag restrictions due to the events that happened at the Boston Marathon. I was all ready to go with my Basil Saddlebags when I got the email stating that it wasn't allowed. I made a Target run the night before and got a tiny handlebar bag and water bottle cage. 

For the third Sunday in a row I woke up at 5am. It seemed easier this week. I guess my body is getting used to getting up that early on my day off. I get dressed very quickly and headed out the door with Lenny in less than 10 minutes I was at the closest train station. 

Not too long after being at the station another tour rider bumped into. It was nice to bump into something in the Bronx going to the event as me. I usually ride alone. The gentleman I bumped into was Rueben. (Hi, Rueben!)He was apart of the entertainment and marketing of the tour. He was nervous about getting dressed up for this event and especially nervous that he was going to be late. I thought it was awesome that he was spreading joy dress up like a bunny. ;-) Rueben left the train before I did. He figured that he can mash down to where he needed to be faster than the train. 

I made it down to the start line just about 7:25-ish. I was very happy to be apart of the first wave. I didn't have to worry too much about bottle-necking and traffic stops. You could really feel the energy of the crowd as the time got closer to start time. 
Of course as soon as I found a nice spot to wait I was on the look out for Sheryl. I didn't find her but I was determined to search for her in the crowd as we began to move. I think Sheryl is the only non family member that I can pick out of a crowd. Plus its easy to find her since she is riding a pink Hello Kitty. (AWESOME!) 

As we started to roll I wasn't nervous to ride close to other rider like I use to be. I wasn't wobbly. Once I got passed the start I high tailed uptown. I was able to keep my speed between 12 & 15 mph. It was an awesome feeling to know that I was able to do this. I made it the top of Manhattan in 25 minutes! YAY!  

Just before I got to the Third Avenue, I noticed something pink at the corner of my eye. It was Sheryl! It rode passed me. There was about 10 people in between us so I know she didn't see me. I felt like I was playing a cat and mouse game. Chasing Sheryl into the Bronx. As soon as we reached the Bronx rolled right up to her. It was funny because she said when she thinks of the Bronx she thinks of me. We pulled over to the Bronx water stop and chatted for a little bit. We were freezing. I hurried off because I didn't want the crowds to start building up. She stood behind for water. 
I kept Lenny going and didn't take my official break until the FDR rest stop. There I refilled my water, grabbed a banana and a bagel and kept it going. 

The next thing I knew I was at the Queensboro Bridge. I knew I wasn't going to be able to do the incline. I was hoping that I could. I tried my best but my knee wouldn't let me. 
Once over the bridge the next rest stop seemed to come quickly. Every rider was force to go to the Astoria rest stop. Security was very tight. I grabbed a sip of water and kept going. 
The miles seem to go by quickly because I felt I got to the Con Ed rest stop super fast. I grabbed a Red Bull and found a good spot to take another picture of Lenny. As I was getting ready to take a shot someone from behind said that I had an awesome bike. I turned around to find Dan. (Hi Danny.) It turns out that we are Facebook friends. I didn't recognize him. This was a funny way to real life met. Good job Danny. Dan does Social Cycling NYC every Thursday. I said hello to his peeps and I went on my way. 

When we were heading to Brooklyn Danny and his peeps were cheering me on. That was very awesome! Thanks guys.

The ride to Brooklyn Bridge Park was an easy one. It's an awesome feeling to think that any part of this tour was easy. 

I didn't stay too long hard either. Time to get moving to Staten Island! Staten Island was 9 miles away. Those 9 miles were very long. I stopped for a moment to relax my legs and feet. I noticed that I better at listening to my body. I am able to stop, rest and not push my body to a point where I am potentially injury myself. 

I knew there was a rest stop waiting for me right before the Verrazano Bridge. I stopped near the rest stop. I didn't actually go into it because it looked like there was a lot of people there. I kind of pulled off to the side to shake off some pain I was feeling in my knees. I was complimented on my bike again and when I looked up I saw Dame aka @damerous from Instagram. (Hi, Dame)  I did not recognize him at first but it click after chatting for a little bit. He was going faster than his group and he was waiting for them to catch up.
Not it was game time....Verrazano Bridge time! I wanted to.....I really really wanted to ride the incline. My knee did not want any part of that incline. So this Awesome Mom walked the incline. Yes I did. As I walked good old Lenny I heard my name. I had no idea who was cheering me one. She went right back me and kept it moving. Whom ever she was she was rocking and rolling up that inclined. It turns out that it was @B3lla87 from Instagram. (Hi, Bella!) She is @damerous's girlfriend. We didn't take a picture together but it was great having a drive by meeting. 

I walked the inclined as fast as I could. I wanted to finish. BOOM POW! Finished! 

I didn't stay long at the festival especially not after last year's three hour wait to get off of Staten Island. 

I felt a little sea sick on the Ferry. I was just so happy to be on my way home. I took a nap during the Ferry to prevent any vomiting. It really did the trick. When we got on dry land you don't know how excited I was to see a sign with my favorite location on it....The Bronx.
By the time I made it home I biked 43.3 miles over 5hr hours. 

This bike tour was hands down the best yet. I can't wait to do the next one. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Run As One

Today's race kind of creeped up on me. I've been so busy and stress at work I couldn't "see" this race. I wasn't hyped. I was still kind of disappointed of my pace from last week's race. I didn't want to be "late" to this race again. All the rushing and the worrying before the race takes away from my focus.

I got myself ready to the day before just like I always did except I cut all the tape that I needed for the race. I noticed that the tape cutting in the morning was not working out for me. I needed the tape cutting out of the way. I could have taped up that night but I can't sleep well with all that tape on my legs. So the taping has to be left for the morning. (I will dedicate a post on what is it that I am actually taping.)

While cutting the tape I set a pacing goal for myself. My goal was to do a 13:30 minute per mile pace. My best race pace was 13:35. This was at my first race. I need to shave some time off my pace. I have done a lot of training and I needed to make this happen.

I set my alarm to 5am. If someone would have told myself six or seven years ago I would be waking up at 5am to go to a race on a Sunday, I would have laughed in their face. I've been doing these Sunday races for just a few months and it's been difficult to get up each and every time. This Sunday I managed to peel myself out of the bed without hitting the snooze. I stumbled into the living room, grabbed my race day pile on the sofa and headed to the bathroom with one eye open. I successfully taped and geared up by 5:45am.

I was still very sleepy when I was done but I did not stop. I knew if I sat on my sofa I was going to fall back to sleep and I would be late. I avoided my sofa at all cost! I successfully left my apartment at 6:05am. I walked to the closet train station. I was not depending on a bus to get me there. I got to the station at 6:40am. I whole 20 mins sooner than I did the weekend before. 
The MTA Gods were on my side. The train that I had to take was running express in the Bronx. I love it when things go my way. I made it to Central Park at 7:35am. This made me very happy. That meant no rushing, no running like a chicken and no craziness. 

I got to my corral and met up with my race buddy, Al. The corral was empty. It stay empty for a while and sudden it started to get full and we were pushed up to the 7,000's corral. I was happy about that. That mean I would be running with a crowd and not "by myself."

As the corrals started to move across the start line I spotted Sheryl. I am happy I spotted her I would have never caught up to her once she started her pace. I think we have our picture pose down pack. (Looks familiar? Manhattan Half)
Photo taken by Sheryl Yvette
Once Al and I hit the starting line we were off. I was able to stick with him at his pace for about 0.5 miles. When we hit the first slight hill on the course I started to draft back and he went off a head of me.  I was happy that I was able to keep up with him even if it was for just a short distance. 

As I slowed down I keep telling myself that I needed to have a 13:30. I programmed my MapMyRun app to tell me my distance, current pace and splits pace every five minutes. I was doing great at each alert for the first two miles. During the third mile my pace slowed down. As soon as I hear that my pace was slower than my goal I picked up the pace. I wasn't feeling any pains on my body. Which was AWESOME! 

I felt very strong crossing the finish line! When I stopped and save my app it recorded my pace to be 12:53. I knew this was off because I started and ended my app before the start and after the finish. I didn't think that I ran that fast anyway. I always wait for NYRR to post the results before I get excited. 

I met up with my race buddy and met a few new friends. Al and I took a week-niversary picture of our running friendship. (His words not mine.)

We stood around for the raffle. There I saw Alexie, around race budding. We waited for the raffle to be drawn and parted ways. 

I like to wait until 10:30am to check if NYRR posted the results of the race. It just so happens that I was in the train station at that time. I check the website....the results were up....I scroll over to my pace and see 13:08!!!!!! I start laughed and jumping on the train platform like a crazy person. No only to I make my goal (in the words of Sheryl) I SLAUGHTERED my goal! I achieved my personal record! 

I am so proud of myself. I still can't believe that I did it. All the training and dragging myself to the gym when I was tired paid off. This has made me mentally prepared for the Brooklyn Half. LET'S DO THIS!