Monday, April 22, 2013

Run for the Parks

Sunday's race was the first NYRR race since the Boston Marathon. The days leading up to the race it felt like I got 100 e-mails from NYRR about the major changes with baggage and course securities. I wasn't worried about the changes. I knew that I just needed to get my bunz to Central Park as early as possible. I was more concern about my health then any thing else.

For the last two weeks I have been VERY stressed out at work. So much stressed that it has effect my health. The stress brought on side effects of my anemia. I have had documented iron deficiency anemia since I was about 12. The on set of my menstrual cycle was the cause of the noticeable change in iron levels. My anemia has also been linked to the lead-poisoning which happened when I was a about two years old. The stress and the cycle pushed my anemia to the limit. I was very weak the weekend prior to the race. I was dizzy and cold, not a good sign at all. I was able to sleep it off along with some vitmans.  As the week continued my stress did not go away. (Thank you NYS testing!)

The night before the race I was restless. I only got about four hours sleep. I wasn't nervous or worried about the race I was just up. The stress from work just kept floating around in my brain. Of course because I didn't get enough sleep....I over slept. I got up 30 minutes later than what I was suppose to in order to adjust to the NYRR changes. This wasn't going to be good I tell ya.

I rashed the best way that I could but you can't rush taping up body parts. It comes out all wrong if you rush. I got out of the door at 6:45am. I didn't to be out the door at 6:25am. I was in the downtown 2 train at 7am. My IG running buddy, Alnardo was kiking me to hurry up and get down to the park at 7:15am. I was still in the Bronx! OH NO!

When I got to the park I had no idea where anything was. Everything was moved around for security and traffic control. I was running around like a chicken with no head! I missed the moment of silent for Boston and the national anthem. I hear the gun go off of the elite runners yet again. This was not good. Why did I do this to myself AGAIN?! I made it to my corral..which is the end of course. I did my best to focus on the task a head of me. 4 miles.

My first goal for this race was to run the first 2-miles without walking. After which I could walk for two minutes and run the rest. Nice plan huh? Too bad my body didn't want to go along with the plan. My ankle was singing to me the moment I picked up speed. My stomach started to become upset at about 2.5 miles. I kept slowing down and walking. Right when I hit the three mile mark I hit a great big wall! All these thoughts of giving up and quitting running all together rushed through my mind. I convinced myself, at that very moment, that I could not an will not do the Brooklyn Half.

I had to shake off that feeling. I focused back on my surrounding and the people running around me. Then I saw her. A runner that I have seen in the last three races. I call her Mrs. Puffy Pants. She is a heavy set women that wears black running shorts with biking shorts under. The wind makes her running short puff up. I found her again....and I had to pass her and beat her to the finish line. I think she is very awesome. She kicks all the races in the bunz. If I see her at the next race I am going to stop her and tell her how awesome she really is. I passed her and I kept going.

I finally heard the MC at the finish line. I knew I was close. I had my eyes on the fences to the finish line. The two ladies that were ahead of me jetted to the finish line. Their energy and excitement transferred on to me. I kicked it into high gears and made a run for that finish line. I can't wait to see the professional pictures of that finish. I bet it's going to be awesome.

I found a few people at the finish line. I found:

Alnardo, IG followers and New Running Buddy

Angela, Easter Seals Bronx CDC Director

I also found someone I met at the NYC Half, we didn't take a picture. Next time we will.

Because of the wall I hit at mile three my pace of the race was a 14:01. I am not happy with that. I will fix that for the next race.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

You Have A Long Life Ahead Of You..

An interaction I had with Little A's dance teacher a few days ago keeps rolling around in my head.

Her dance teacher is really trying to connect with her she asked me how do I get her out of her little happy world and get her to play along. She physically takes her in to play. (She is not hurting her course.)  I told her that I do the same at home to get her to do anything. She is nervous about getting her to play along on stage during the big show.

Our conversation continued...

She had mention something along the lines of being healthy because I have a long life ahead of me. This conversation did not offend me one bit.

Our dreams as parents (most parents) is our children are more successful then we are. We want the best for our children. I realized many moons ago that Little Al will have a difficult life ahead of her. She will not understand a lot that happens in her world. There are things out there I can not protect from teacher.

When you look in on Little's Al's Creative Moment class you see that she is different. she not physically different. She is not the tallest girl. She is socially different. She shows no interest in having a friend or partner in class. Every one kind of partnered or has a trio of friends. She is the lone girl. Playing by herself and making faces at the mirror. No one knows what she is thinking. Everyone see that she enjoying herself, in her little world. Her little world, her bubble, is a pleasant one. I don't want to bubble to a bad place for to be in. Pulling her out of that bubble usually causes her to be upset. This is necessary so that she can experience new things and learn. When I pull her out I want those experience to be memorable. Even if I am just teaching her to zip up her coat or putting her shoe on the right foot.

Everyday I wish that the switch in her brain would just turn on. Until that happens (if it happens) I will do my best to be by her side. I will guide her to the happiness big and small. I will guide her during the ups and downs.

Yes I have a long life ahead of me....nothing that I am not ready for.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Run. Pray. Run.

This morning start just like any other day for me in the Bronx. I checked my social media feeds to check up on my favorite bloggers and Instagramers. I was so excited for Dani, blogger of Weight Off My Shoulders, was set to run the Boston Marathon. I wished her well on IG. My day way on as normal.

When I got and check on my social media feeds again I saw this: "Pls tell me that ur not in Boston today" My old childhood friend posted that to my last IG picture.

I had no idea what was going now. I replied with a silly answer. "lol...No I am not in" I checked the new right away because it seemed odd that she would send me a message like that.

I changed the TV immediately to NY1. I immediately dropped onto my sofa in shock. I couldn't think for a moment.

I thought about my experience during the NYC Half. Finishing a long distance race is a mentally and physically demanding task. I shared in the happiness and joy while giving amazing runners their medals. I saw blood, sweat and tears while standing at the finish line. I did not feel that I was standing in cold, in the shade for hours. I felt happiness.

All of that was taken away from those runners. The happiness was replaced with fear.

I still don't know what "why." Why would anyone do this? Who would do this?

After getting passed the shock I social network stalked Dani. She had already crossed the finish when the explosion happened. Thank god.

Soon after I got a rush of text, comments and messages. Many of my friends, family and followers had me in their thought when they heard of the news. I am humbled and honor that so many people thought about me. I am honored that many thought I am awesome enough to run the Boston Marathon.

After social media overdrive I determine that I need a break of the images.

I have had enough.

I have to look away but Boston is still in my heart and in my shoes.

I took it in and I am going to let it out during my next NYRR race Run for Parks.

Pray for Boston.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 92

Yesterday, I wake up and I was magically a size 14!!! So awesome! 

Over the last couple of month every time I buy a new outfit or piece of clothing I bought it in a size 16 and then I would pick up something cute in a size 14.  I have been slowly building my size 14 wardrobe. Something told me yesterday to go a head and try the last pair of jeans that I picked up. BOOM! POW! The fit with no fighting. 

What did I do next? I took picture of course. Then I did a before and current picture. 

Amazing! I look at that before picture of me and I can't even recognize that person. That picture was taken a few weeks before I actually became serious about Weight Watchers and fitness. 

I created another side by side with another picture I found on my Facebook profile picture album. 

The before picture was taken after losing 10lbs with Weight Watchers. I can't wait tell that I lost anything but I did. I am happy I didn't stop at just those 10lbs. It trying me a long time to drop all this weight but I am find with that. I am living life and I know better now. 

Numbers and Goals Weight: 
Start weight: 268.5 lbs BMI 40.3 kg/m^2 
This week's weight is: 226.2 lbs BMI 34.5 kg/m^2 
Change since last week:  -0.8 lbs 
Change from start: -42.3 lbs 15.75% lost 
Next WW goal: 220 lbs  (6.2 lbs to lose)
Change from highest record weight: -63.8 lbs 22% lost

Arms: 13.5in: -3.0 in  from start: -0.5 in from last week
Hips: 42.0in: -7.5 infrom start: -1.0 in from last week
Bust: 42.0in: -6.0 in from start: 0.0in from last week
Waist: 35in: -5.0 in  from start: +1.0in from last week
Thigh: 23in: -5.5 in from start: -1.0in from last week

My goal this week is to run at least 13 miles and lose 1 pound. 

33, The Year of Awesomeness.

After running the Manhattan Half I decided that I wanted to run on my birthday. That was the most awesomest decision that I have this year. (so far) I run the Scotland Run 10K on Saturday and I wasn't disappointed. The excited and joy of being in a crowd of runners, all abilities, always gets me hyper and motivated. I am starting to recognize runners that are in the same corral as me from the different races.

My day didn't start off to awesome. The MTA gods decided that the trains in my area weren't going to cross over to Manhattan. I was forced to take a shuttle bus no matter which side of Manhattan I needed to be. This was also poor planning on my end. Dealing with the shuttle bus elevated my stress level. I didn't need this just before the race. I tried my best to focus and not let the annoying straphangers get to me. Just get on the damn bus and stop asking questions. The shuttle bus dropped me off at West 135th Street at 7:45am. I needed to be at West 63rd Street at 8am!! I got myself together on the train. The passengers near me were looking at me like I was crazy. I had to do it because I didn't have time to get myself together at baguage and make it in to met my new running buddy, T. I run from the train station to the baguage and then run to my corral. That took a lot of my energy. I actually saw the elite runner take off. That was pretty awesome.

My corral was the last one so I was worried about making there on time. I was happy I made it to T in time. She gave me a tiara that said Happy Birthday. Now everyone would know that it was my birthday.  All the extra running around made me hot before the race even started for me. After the first mile I  saw my BBB on the side line. I was so happy that she was there to cheer me on on my birthday. I was even happier that she was there to take my sweater. I was over heating in the worst way. I was really about to just drop the sweater on the ground. For realz. It slowed my first mile time down by one entire minute. I wasn't able to steady my pace. I was breathing too heavy too soon. I was getting upset. Around that time I caught up with T, she vanished after that.

Then it happened. I started to approach the Harlem Hills at the 2.5 miles mark. I wasn't going to let these darn things take me DOWN!! These evil hills destroyed my body during the Manhattan Half. I wasn't going to let them do that to me again! I focused....I found my pace song....I attacked! I run up that first effin' hill!!!! I shouted when I made it to the top of it. YEAH! I approached each hill like that. After those hills I slowed down a lot! My 4th mile took me 14:58 minutes to finish. After listening to my MapMyRun app tell me my pace had slowed down so much, I picked it back up. I did a lot less walking on the 5th mile. I kicked things into high gear when I could hear the MC. My BBB was at mile 5 and finish line take pictures. I grabbed the MC's attention so that he can tell me happy birthday over the PA. When I made it to the other side of the finish line I ran into one of my IG followers and now friend, Alexie. After the race I couldn't remember his name to save my life. It was so nice to run into another IG follower with the same running goal as me. He is also running the Brooklyn Half and a bunch of the same races I am doing. We took a picture together. Yay to a new running buddy!

After our picture I doubled back to see T crossed the finish line but I would about to cheer for her and gave her a giant hug. I am so proud for you T. You rock!

I was very proud of myself too. I finished the race in 1:29:13 at a 14:24 min/mi pace. The night before I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to finish the race faster then 1:40. I had a dream that the race wasn't going to count like the Manhattan Half. I may have only came in 47 seconds over 90 mins but it's still under 90mins.

Later in the evening I went out with the hubby for a birthday dinner at the Bronx Havana Cafe. One word: YUM!

I got all dolled up for my special dinner. My feet were very mad at me for wear four inch heels after running a 10K. I don't care I looked amazing!

My birthday was amazing and have set the tone for my 33rd year on this Earth. I feel younger then ever and I am loving it. I love the choice that I have made to be more active. My kids are enjoying it too. 33 is going to be the year of the awesomeness for sure.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Putting In The Miles.

After running the Manhattan Half, not having it count and destroying my body you'd think that I would stop running. Apparently, I have not stop running. I have spent the months following that half marathon training for the next half marathon in the 5-Borough Series.

The Brooklyn Half has been set for Saturday, May 18, 2013.

After fully recovering from all my injuries, I started training. Training was very difficult. I had to do most of my training at the gym. After a while running on the treadmill got VERY boring. I keeping moving forward because I kept telling myself that I next to finish the Brooklyn Half. The only way to be awesome during that race is to push pass the tiredness, excuses, more excuses and put in my miles.  Now that if I can put in the miles anyone can.

Here are the miles I put since the Manhattan Half
2/3: 4.18mi (Gridiron Classic)
2/12: 2.02mi
2/14: 4.00mi
2/16: 2.00mi
2/17: 5.00mi
2/19: 2.00mi
2/21: 4.00mi
2/23: 2.00mi
2/26: 2.00mi
February Total: 23.02 miles

3/3:   3.28mi (Coogan's)
3/9:   2.01mi
3/10: 5:39mi
3/19: 2.00mi
3/20: 2.00mi
3/23: 1.49mi
3/26: 5.00mi
2/28: 3.50mi
3/30: 6.65mi
3/31: 3.00mi
March Total: 36.32 miles

I can't believe I run so much. I say that's pretty good for a newbie runner.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week 91

It's been six weeks since I have blogged about my weekly Weight Watchers weight in and such. I actually have been so busy and tired from mom life and Brooklyn Half training that I find myself half asleep in front of the computer when I try to start my post.

I have been religiously posting my training on Instagram (@TheAwesomeMom). Some training days are better then others but I am not discouraged. I have been taking advantage of being on spring break for the last 11 days. I added a few training days in for the Five Boro Bike Tour. I so miss riding my bicycles. The winter has not been in my favor to ride the way I want to. Usually on fair weather days I go for a long run.

This month is crunch time for both the Brooklyn Half and Five Boro. No slacking!

I have many races schedule to keep my motivation going. I will be doing the following NYRR races:

Saturday, April 6th: Scotland Run 10k
Sunday, April 21th: Run For Park 4m
Sunday, April 28th: Run As One 4m

These races are going to be awesome. I hope to meet many of the people that I am e-met over on Instagram.

Numbers & Goals Weight: 
Start weight: 268.5 lbs BMI 40.3 kg/m^2 This week's weight is: 227 lbs BMI 34.5 kg/m^2 Change since last week:  -1.6 lbs Change from start: -41.5 lbs 15.49% lost 
Next WW goal: 220 lbs  (7.0 lbs to lose)

Measurements: Arms: 14 in  from start: -2.5 in Hips: 43.5 in   from start: -6.0 in Bust: 42in from start: -6.0 in Waist: 34in  from start: -8.5in Thigh: 24 in  from start: -4.5in