Monday, January 7, 2013

My New Bike.

I mention on yesterday's post  that I purchased a new bike. That bad boy got here today. I was so super excited to found out that my new bike was scheduled to me delivered today instead of Thursday. It was like Christmas morning all over again. I watched Mr. UPS man drag it into my building. It had a difficult time with the box. Sorry dude.

My kids were very excited to see the huge box enter the apartment. They love drawing and playing with any box that comes in.

When I got Lenny the Bike I did not built her. I started and had no idea what I was doing and my husband took over. This go around I was determined that I was going to do it by myself. Looking at the bike in the parts in the box....I was ready.

I built the bike all by myself! When I was all done my daughter thought of the name for him. She named him Sheldon. I think it's a perfect name.

As soon as the everyone was sleep....I went for a quick neighborhood ride. For the first 10 feet my body was confused as all heck. I had NEVER EVER rode a fixed gear bike. As a child I learned how to ride on a single speed and Lenny is a 7 speed. I never have to pedal on my block because it is a slight down hill. I was able to get use to the notion of just keep pedaling. I need practice  The great things about Sheldon, I can flip the back wheel and it turns into a single speed freewheel. I may flip it over.

I guess you can call me a bike collector.

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MODERN MOM said...

Sheldon looks good!