Thursday, September 3, 2009

Potty Training.

I've tried all summer to Potty train Big Al. It's been an on-going struggle. He is physically ready, god knows Mommy is ready. It doesn't bother him when he does poopie in the pull-up or underwear. He does have sensory issues, so it's going to take longer then I expected. My, my, my...what are we do it? Patience is key.

Summer 2009 in A Nutshell.

The summer is ending. I have to go back to work on Tuesday. I wish I ready didn't have too.

It's time to reflect on what has happen this summer.

1- The kiddies and I were able to go to Sesame Place. It was an awesome trip. It felt like me and my sister ate the entire day. I have pictures to prove it.

2- I made the President's List a third time at Kaplan University. Summer courses are the the worse. My brain was on vacation the whole time. I work ever-loving hard for my 4.0 GPA.

3- Big Bea learn the fine art of video games. Something that I shouldn't be very proud of but she can finally give her cousin some competition.

4- Big Al aged out of Early Invention. He is officially in the New York City School System, where I have to fight to get services he clearly needs. (Good thing I know what I am doing...mostly)

5- Little aL is a moving machine. You can't stop her if you wanted to and she'll bite you if you try.

6- The kiddies and I were able to have an awesome time at Playland with my Best Friend and her family. Big Al shocked me when he got on all the kiddie rides. We were attacked by Cotton Candy Crazy Bees. I also adopted a

7- The greatest part of my summer was being able to spend lots of time with my family. That makes my crazy life worth while.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A change can do me some good.

The whole summer has gone since that last time I've been here. I am addicted to facebook and that's where I've been doing all of my talking.

We'll I am going to share my change story. It's a towards a greener household. Some time back, I was looking through the diaper section of (For those mommies and daddies out there, great online diaper delivery service on the East Coast. Order before 6pm, get your diapers the next day. Can't beat that!) I saw this "gDiapers" section. It's a hybrid diaper system. It's a mixed between regular plastic diapers and cloth diapers. The cloth outside looks like underwear and the inside is a snap in liner and a pad. The pad is flushable. I went to the gDiapers website to see it in action. I watched the youTube video and I was conviced, I need to change to gDiapers. I had to make sure my husband would approve. The moment he heard flushable and not more pile of smelly diapers to throw out, he was on board. Before, we can go all "TALLYHOE" and throw the regular diapers out the window, a test run is needed. Well, I must say.... they are totally AWESOME! Yes, it's easy to just throw diapers away and don't have to worry about loading and unloading diapers, but I loved the change. The diapers held up to a busy day and play time in the park. Little Al is officially a gDiaper baby. (...once she uses all the regular diapers we have left)