Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pervasive Developmental Disorder

So far my boy has been diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder. Here is the information that I found on it.

The term pervasive developmental disorders (PDDs) refers to a group of developmental conditions that affect children and involve delays or impairments in communication and social skills. Autism is the most well-known of the pervasive developmental disorders, so PDDs also are known as autism spectrum disorders.

All pervasive developmental disorders affect communication and social skills, as well as cognitive skills and behavior. All PDDs have things in common, but each has specific characteristics that set it apart from the others.

Early signs of a PDD can include:
trouble interacting, playing with, or relating to others
avoiding eye contact; not looking at people
not pointing to objects to direct a parent's attention to things
unusual movements, such as hand flapping, spinning, or tapping
delays in developmental milestones or loss of milestones already achieved
playing with the same toy in a way that seems odd or repetitive
not using or understanding language
not exploring environment with curiosity or interest

What Causes PDDs?
Causes of pervasive developmental disorders are not yet well understood. Scientists believe they are complex neurobiological (brain biology) problems, which may have a genetic basis like other conditions that stem from abnormalities in the chromosomes a child inherits.

Although there's no cure for children with PDDs, early intervention and treatment can help them develop skills and achieve their best potential. No medications can cure PDDs, but sometimes they're used to treat certain symptoms, such as aggressive behavior toward self or others, problems of inattention, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, and mood swings.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well Hello There...

I am sorry. I did it again. It been too long since Ive been here. I've been lost in the world of Face book along with Wanda. I have also been busy at work on my online classes. My first term is done with and I have one week off. I don't have my official final grades but I have a feeling that I got straight A's. *HIGH FIVE*

The household has been busy busy. Between work, school and the kids, I am surprised that I haven't lost my mind. Sometimes tired is an understatement.

We are still waiting for my Lance Corporal Hubby to march his way home. He has been gone for one year and two months and he should be home in two months (crossing my fingers).

Today's picture is Big Al in Little Al's chair. He is loves sitting in that chair, being that it was his. My sweet Big Al has been evaluated for the second time. He has made great improves since the last time but he is still delayed by one year. I have been working tirelessly to get the right services that he needs to improve.

Along with working on my little boy, I've been working on my new year's resolutions. Here we go:
1- Lose more weight. (Officially lost 39lbs)
2- Continue blogging. (Trying)
3- Make the perfect Shepard's Pie. (First try Jan. 17)
4- Reduce stress. (Not happening)
5- Take more pictures of everything. (Taking pictures but not of everything)
6- Get closer to my niece and nephews. (It's working)
7- Learn to drive. (Huh?)
8- Be a little more greener. (Totally greener. I have more canvas bags and the plastic bags I got I used them over and over and over again. I've also changed most of my bills to ebills and the others are on reduced paper statements.)
9- Read everyday with the kids. (Everyday expect Friday)
10-Schedule me time at least once a month. (I've join the Staff volleyball league, which meets once a month. I have tons of fun)