Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My 100th Post & Resolutions for 2009.

Wow! I made it. I didnt think I was going to make it this far. I am sure if I kept up with it, I would have met this goal long ago. To celebrate this goal I would like to share my resolutions.

Last year I made a list of resolutions for 2008. Let's revisit that list and see what was done.

1- Lose weight
(Lost 35 pounds)

2- Knit a pair of socks

3- Drink enough water everyday
(I bought myself a cool water bottle and I try my hardest to finish it before I leave work.)

4- Take my vitamins

5- 30 minutes of exercise of some sort everyday.
(Does chasing three kids count?)

6- Continue blogging.
(Trying my best)
7- Limited time of computer, come up with a schedule and stick to it.
(I have limit my time since the baby was born, but I haven't stuck with it on the weekends.)

8- Try a few new recipes
(Spiced Pecans, Lemoncello and Chocolate Almond Bark)

9- Learn to drive by 04/06/08
10- Reduce stress
(Hell No)

I guess I've done an okay job on my resolutions for 2008. Here is my list for 2009.

1- Lose more weight.

2- Continue blogging.

3- Make the perfect Shepard's Pie.

4- Reduce stress.

5- Take more pictures of everything.

6- Get closer to my niece and nephews.

7- Learn to drive.

8- Be a little more greener.

9- Read everyday with the kids.

10-Schedule me time at least once a month.

The picture included in this blog is a shot, again out the window of my job. Looking towards the Morrisana section of the Bronx.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

So stay indoors.
Vacation is the best. I love working for the Department of Education. I get the spent all my time with my loves. Awesomeness.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Chocolate Peppermint Bark

I first learn this recipe back in 2005 and the first trails were...interesting. Here is the improved 2008 recipe.
Here's what you need:
Peppermint (Candy cane would do, but you can use any shape you'd like)
1 lbs Semi-sweet Chocolate
1/2 lb white chocolate
Wax paper
glass bowl
heat-proof spatula
Ziploc bags and something heavy to wack the peppermint with. 1- Wack the living day lights out of the peppermint in the Ziploc bags. 2- Separate the peppermint dust from the large chucks.

3- Place semi chocolate in microwave safe glass bowl. Follow directions on package for microwave melting. Or you are use the classic double boiler method.

4-Once chocolate has melted, add half of the peppermint dust.
5- Pour Chocolate in pan on the wax paper6- Melt white chocolate and add the rest of the peppermint dust.
7- Pour white chocolate over the dark chocolate in the pan.

8-Place peppermint chuck on the top of the white chocolate.
9- Allow to dry.

10- Break into chucks and serve.

Friday, December 19, 2008

No Love for My Blog!

I haven't given any love to my blog in some time. I've been bad again. Well maybe not bad, just busy. It felt like blinked and BAM! its Christmas time. All is well in the world of Mrs. G. I am pleased to say that Mr. G is home for the holidays. Big Bea is in El Salvador with her father celebrating the holidays there. Big Al and Little Al are chilling (more like frozen).

Today was the first big snow storm of the season. The pictures below shows just that. The first picture was taken at 10:00am and the second at Noon.
These pictures were taken out of the window of my job. I work on the 5th floor of an almost 100 year old, elementary school . On a clear today you can see the George Washington Bridge.
I did promise myself that I have to make it to my 100th post before the end of this year. So soon I'll be posting my latest projects and recipes. Stay tune.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Please Tell Me Why...

...when I look at this face, I want another one. She is such a wonderful baby. It's almost as if she knows I am having a hard time, between Big Al's early invention and Daddy being in Cali. She is almost to the point of sleeping a baby's full night. She bearly cries. She is the complete opposite of her brother. I've told my husband that I want another, he was not fine with it at first. Now he wants another. We'll see where we are a year from now.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Alone Again.

He has to offically report back to 29 palms on Monday. So he took today to travel back and tomorrow to adjust to Cali time. This morning, he was sitting at the computer and I missed him already. He kept saying that he'll be back in November, all I could think about was that he wasn't going to be here. I can't wait to have him offically home. I would have never let him go if I knew that he was going to be away for over a year. BOOOO! Tonight is going to be very hard. It's the first night with out him and with a newborn.

Friday, September 19, 2008

One Month Later...

Wow.. its been a month. I am a great big reason why its been a month. Let's catch up.
Well until the 5th, the only way i was able to see my husband was thru webcam.As of the 4th he was granted a leave to be home until the 26th. YAY! So I decided to go on Maternity Leave the day he touched down in NYC. Plus, I was very pregnant and work was near impossible.
September 10Th, I was my crabbiest day ever. I just wasn't in the mood for anything. So I knew that something was going to down that day. I carried the day on like normal. I picked up Big Bea from school and I notice it took me about 5 minutes to walk one block. Hmmmm. I kept things moving. For dinner that night I wanted diner food. So we packed up the kids and journeyed to the Pelham Bay Diner. I ordered the Lemon and Herb chicken. Yummy. As I placed my fork down when I finished my meal, I stated " We are dropped the kids off and going to the hospital tonight."

I arrived to the hospital at about 6:30 - 7pm. I was happy to hear the voice of my doctor. She checked me out and I was 4cm. She decided to induce me. Those were the greatest words ever. I am sure if she wasn't here, I would have been sent home by someone else.
Just before midnight my water was broken for me. After that, bring on the contractions. They were coming fast. By 2 am was asking for epidural. I didn't get it until 3 hours later. BOOO! I almost couldn't get it because I was 7 cm before they give it to me. I love drugs. Many may disagree but that's your choice.
So I slept a good two hours. Just after 7 am, I started texting my great friend Roxanne. All of a sudden, pressure came out of no where. Alyson was coming and she was coming fast. The doctor on call wasn't even in the room when she came out. They couldn't even break down the bed fast enough. All I remember in the minute was the staff screaming at me not to push and I'm screaming back at them I AM NOT PUSHING!
September 11, 2008 at 7:49 AM Little Al was born. At 8lbs 2.5 oz 19.25 ins.

I must say Little Al is a mellow child. We are blessed!

The days go by very fast and the next thing I know, he'll be gone again. Just counting the days until he is here for good.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Girl Scouts What's Next?

If you didn't know by now... I am a Girl Scout Troop Leader, Troop 1250. I run my troop out of the school that I work out of, C.S. 50. Usually, a troop in my council run from October- June. My troop seems to always have a hard time starting because of the powers that be at my job. We always manage to get our feet off the ground. Since last year we couldn't get enough girls to commit to camp we have a few extra fundraising dollars left. I am trying to find ideas on crafts to spend this money on. I can't just buy anything to has to go along with a Badge. I am running myself in circles. I still have time to get my thoughts together before the year starts.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Big Boy and 36 Weeks Pregnant.

I am still fighting the germs. I am drinking enough water so I don't dehydrate, but rest that's a negative. Everyday this week I've had an appointment to do something either for me or Big Al, mostly for little man. Some time ago I have notice that Big Al has been late on a lot of developmental milestones. Both physical and cognitive. But not late enough to cause alarm. Expect one, speech. So at the age of 2 my little man is not talking the 50 words he should be. So between evaluators, therapist and doctors, mommy is beat. I hope to get the best for my big boy.
As for Little Al, She is packing on the pounds and kicking for more room. One week until I am full term. YAY! I am done now, but it doesn't work that way. So besides the germs, my days are filled with heart burn, tums, rib kicks and restless night.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Me vs. The Germs

The germs have won. I have been fighting a cold since my visit to the hospital on Sunday. I can't seem to get my head on straight. Thank heavens for Big Bea's Grandma. She took care of Big Al while I was in a germ induced coma yesterday. I was able to sleep during the day. I actually had an ok night's sleep, too. I have to battle back and I must defeat these germs and reclaim my head back. Days when I am all sicky and germy, is when I miss my Marine even more. He is my caretaker and he knows everything that I need. He is the greatest thing that were walked into my life. (Big Bea and Big Al are the greatest things that I have

I am trying to keep up with my blogging. Can you tell? I am blogging when I am sick. BLAH!

Today's picture is of Big Bea and her cousins. It was taken last week when we visited Orchard Beach.

Monday, August 11, 2008

And Then He Turned Two...

Yesterday was my sweet Big Al's 2nd birthday. He really has no concept of birthdays. Yesterday just another day for him. However, He did notice that he was able to eat potato chips all willy nilly. My sister and her kids stopped by for a small party. I think the one person that was the most excited with Big Bea. Her excitement was coming out of her pours. She wanted to help with everything, minus cooking. We ate great food. The kids had a great time. We played pin the nose of Elmo and Big Al won. Only because his too young for a blind fold. The night had to be cut short because I was having pains and pressure in my lower ads and my baby team helped me to the hospital. It turned out to be a combo of dehydration and pure exhaustion. I was help to have today to recover because Big Bea's grandma took the kiddies and told me to relax. It's good to have good people around.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

35 Weeks Pregnant

Two more weeks until I am full-term, five weeks until my due date. Everyday my Marine calls and asks "Is today the day?" Everyday its the same answer "No, not yet." I have been having contractions, not regular. Uncomfortable is my motto. My kids are feeling my discomfort. Days in the park are getting shorter and shorter. But they are troopers. Well maybe not Big Al. Big Bea enjoys every moment in the sun. She doesn't mind leave a little early because she knows we'll back the next day.
I so hope I pop before I have to return to work. This vacation went by so quickly. If I don't pop I have to go back on August 28. BOOO!
Today's picture were taken with the new camera. Amazing. The colors pop. I am warming up to the camera. Can't wait to see what's to come.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Tick tock. The July seem to speed by super fast. It seem like just yesterday, I was in Palm Springs. I am now 34 weeks pregnant. Six weeks until my due date. It feels like I have been preggo forever. I guess it feels like forever because I have been all alone. I know I promised no complaining but I have to complain this one time.

At week 32, I was very dehydrated and I was in the hospital. The baby is fine, I just have to remember to drink enough water in these summer months. It was super hard to be in the hospital without my husband.

Since then, I've been having irregular contractions. I have a feeling that I am not going to finish up the six weeks. I think I did a bad thing by telling my mother what happen. She is suppose to fly up from Florida when I give birth. I really don't want that to happen. I would love it if she fly up a little bit later that way she can help me when all the help is gone. As soon as I am admitted to the hospital (I hope) my husband will be released for 10 days to come home on paternity leave. I'll have my great friend Roxanne helping me. My sister will be helping the best she can. I even have former in laws helping out. So I feel, at the start I will have enough help. If my mom comes when I pop, she will have nothing to help with. All bases are covered. If she comes let's say a few weeks or a month later when I am pretty much on my own, I would loved it. When Alexander was born, that is what she did. I loved it. She was a great help.

But it seems my requests are going on deaf ears. She is stuck on coming when I pop. But she still tells me that she can't come anytime in August or the beginning of September because of work. Her husband also wants to come up to New Jersey in September and they what to know what I think about that. I told her, she has to do what she has to do. Him coming up has no effect on when I am giving birth. She wants to come when I pop, what if I pop tomorrow? Then she can't come. I don't know. I don't understand her reasoning, if there is one. GRRRRR.. MOTHERS! I am going in circles.

When it comes to travelling I like to plan ahead and have a schedule. I guess I don't get that from my mother.

Today's pictures are oldies. The first one is of my nephew, Dominick and Becky. I think Dominick was 2 and Becky was 1. We were waiting at the bus stop to go to City Island. Becky has the "take the darn picture already" look. I love it. The second picture is of my hubby and Alex the day he was born. I love that picture. You can see how happy he is. He is a very serious man and he has to be in a great mood in order to crack a little smile.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Random Facts.

Here are four random facts about myself.

1- I am a clutter queen. Which I don't understand because I throw and give away things all the time. I bought a new desk this summer to help with my clutter habits on my desk. So far (knock on wood) it is working. Let's see what happens once I go back to work. Now for my library. That is a lost cause for now.

2- I am my husband's first girlfriend. We started dating in 2004 and married in 2006. We always wished that we met sooner. Over at 29 Palms, he is telling people that we have been together since 2000. Silly.
3-I love buttons. I don't know why. I just do.

4- I love Judge shows. Especially The People's Court. I am not in to the DNA testing on some of the shows. But the rest is all good.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

80th Post

80th post and I really don't have anything to celebrate. I am just happy that I am trying not to give up on my blog. With the ups and downs (more downs then ups) of being a Military wife and a pregnant mom, I just don't find myself in a ok mood to blog. When I started this blog I stated that I wanted this blog to be about the postive. I am have tried my hardest not to make this blog into a "I hate the world, listen to me complain." I think I was successful. I just have to keep it up. What I have been keeping up with is my Myspace page. It's so easy to keep up with and no thought has to go into it. Everything is pre-set. It's brainless fun.

I am a little upset at myself, that I have fallen behide in my photography. Especially since my hubby got an awesome new camera. It's the Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera DSC-W300, 13.6 megapixels. I nearly jumped out of my socks when he told me he got this camera. All for little old me. I haven't really taken it out on the town. I have been a bad Mommy. I have to adjust myself to it. I am use to my Canon Powershot, 3.2 megapixels. That camera takes amazing pictures and I had it forever. So many megapixels, so little time. (ha, ha)

Well, here is one picture that I took with the new cam. Since my hubby is away and my preggo belly has gotten bigger, I have been doing alot of internet shopping. Big Bea loves the amount and sizes of the boxes that has been making its way to our door. I give her and Big Al two full days of play with the large boxes before they are off to recycling. They can have their way with the box. Color, tear, jump on, whatever they please. Here is the last car that rolled thru our home. Big Al was totally pushing Big Bea out of the box.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Independence day and Palm Springs

Well let's back track to the beginning of this month. I was able to see my Marine for Independence Day weekend. I was in good enough health that I was able to take my preggo belly on an airplane and fly out to Palm Springs. I left the kiddies home because I think we needed to be alone. I think the last time we were alone Big Al wasn't born yet. We stood 5 wonderful days in the 7 Springs Inn & Resort. To be honest, I thought that it was going to be a broken down hotel and called themselves a resort because they have a pool. I was so wrong. I loved it, so did my hubby. Very friendly staff and a very clean room. Awesome. It was close enough to downtown Palm Springs that it was easy to get too and far enough that we did hear any noise from the night life. Our second night their, we enjoy Mexican food in the greatest restaurant, La Casita. There was live Spanish music. It felt like was home with the Spanish feel. Great food, great Horcita and great service. If there wasn't other places to eat at in Palm Springs I would have had lunch and dinner there everyday. I don't know how people live in the desert. It's so hot. The natives said that it was cool the week that we where there. Each day it was 110. Of course, we were in A.C. as much as we could be. On the fourth we enjoyed the hot evening with fireworks. I had never been so close to fireworks.
On my last day in Cali, we took a ride up the Aerial Tramway. It travelled to the top of the mountain range that towers over Palm Springs. We drove up 2 miles to the valley station that was almost 3,000 miles over sea level. The drive there was beautiful. I never seen the desert, so rocks, dirt and dead plants looks beautiful to me. When you reach the top of the tramway you can see the entire city of Palm Springs. It was breathe- taking. The top is almost 9,000 miles over sea level. My favorite part was the temp. difference. It was way cooler up top. I wanted to say up there all day. We did pick some food while up top of the mountain. We preferred to go to La Casita then the food offered.

On the ride down, we held each other close because we knew this was our last evening together. I think we made a few people sick from the love. Hey, who cares. That was awesome vacation with my Marine. It was a great way to kick off my summer vacation. I can't wait to see him again.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where have I been?

Hello Blogger world! I am back. It's been tough, but I guess I am back. I have been a busy beaver. Let's update:
Well, My husband is still training with the Marine Corps. He is currently training at Twentynine Palms, Ca. The middle of the desert. It seems like he has been gone endlessly. We don't know when he is coming home. I have been so focus on that, that I really did not want to blog or swap or crafts.

Next, I am currently 31 weeks pregnant. IT'S A GIRL! Her name is going to be Little Al. She has been making mommy very tired and uncomfortable, so computer time was very limited, I guess.

Finally, Big Bea and Big Al are growing so fast. Makes me feel super old.

I have started up some swaps with swap-bot. Some photography swaps, I am starting back up slowly.

Until next blog.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Marine... I love you!

I love you so much it hurts.
The last 10 days has been nothing but heaven.
It made up for the three months I didnt have you.
Tomorrow you leave for another four months.
I can't wait to welcome you home again.
Being apart from you made me realize that...
You make me a better person.
Smiles are easier, Hugs are warmer.
You are my another half.
You are my soulmate.
You are my Marine.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Liberty Sunday

Finally... I got to hear his voice. I can finally rest. He sounds stronger. (He is fighting a cold). I am so happy I could cry. I know I will be tonight. I couldn't stop saying 'I Love You.' I was blushing the whole ten minutes on the phone. I think I still am. I can't wait until Thrusday to see him, My Marine.

Edited: He called me back at 3:48 pm. He wanted to talk to me for his last two minutes before his liberty was over. God these calls was the greatest belated birthday gift ever!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Crucible Prayer

I found this prayer on the Recruit's Parents Website.

It was oringial for Mom to pray for their sons. I changed it to suit me.

When you awoke this morning to begin the crucible
Did you know I walked every step with you that was possible?
When you humped all those miles over rough terrain,
Did you know I was by your side again?
When your rations were low and your belly was hungry,
Did you know that I wished it wasn't you but instead it was me?
When your feet ached and blistered from stress,
Did you know that I was carrying you deep in my chest?
When you were tired and sore and almost ready to fall,
Did you realize I would have carried it all?
When you had little sleep and your eyes were red,
Did you know I would have given you my bed?
When you had to push and pull for that extra mile,
Did you know that I was so proud and so tall, with such a big smile?
When you went to bootcamp, I went to one too,
It's the one where wife's worry over all you go through.
I couldn't eat dessert, knowing that you had no treats,
I felt quilty for wanting a pedicure, when you had tired feet.
I anguished over ever tough moment, I thought you had
I cried when I missed you, I cried when I was sad
I cried over your letters, that declared your love for Wife
I cried over thinking about the day you would come home.
I cringed if I thought someone was yelling at you
Even though I knew it's waht they had to do.
I lost sleep just wondering how you are
I prayed and thought and even wished upon a star.
Now your almost through and soon you will be
One of The Few The Proud, a New MARINE
I get an Honor too for going through the bootcamp for Wives
I get to hug you and hold you in my arms
I get to see how handsome you really are
I get my bright shining star
No I don't get a medal or a pin to wear
I don't get to sport that awesome Marine Hair
My reward is one that can't be seen
It's called "Being the Wife of a U.S. Marine."

Author unknown Mr. G started the Crucible yesterday morning.

The United States Marine Corps Crucible is the final test in phase three of Marine Corps recruit training. Designed to emphasize the importance of teamwork in overcoming adversity, the Crucible is a rigorous 54-hour field training exercise demanding the application of everything a recruit has learned until that point in recruit training.

I hope that he can feel my strength and carry on thru the crucible.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

21 days...

They says that it takes 21 days to change or start a habit. Looking around my living room, I see all the new bad habits I have created since Mr. G has been gone. OMG! THE MESS I HAVE MADE. I have to break these habits and create new ones. The thing I have to change first is stop undressing the boy in the living room and leaving his clothes on the sofa. Its Thrusday and I have four sets of clothes on the end of the sofa. Today I have to change this messy habit and take back that side of the sofa.
I haven't posted new pics of the kids since last year... BAD MOMMY.
Enjoy these recent shots.

She is offically seven now. Wow how time flysMy big boy "saving the world"
My kiddies at Penn Station. Big Al's first visit to the city without a stroller. AWESOME!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Where have I been?

Spring is here and I am back to my blog. So where have I been you say? I have been a busy bee. Since my husband went to bootcamp, I really havent found the time to be on the internet. I became a Marine Wife in an instant. Over the last three months I have been Mom and Dad. Its been very hard. My husband's time at bootcamp is almost over. He graduates April 18. I do get to see him on the 17th for family day. I can not wait. I have been researching the Parris Island area. I want to be very prepared. I am going to be blogging my experience for my new toy, my ipod touch.
These last months three have been espeically bad for me because in January I found out that I am having my third child. So I have been going thru the ups and downs alone. Here is the my first look at the Baby Al.

I don't know the sex of the baby just yet. My due date is Sept. 12, 2008. I have many dreams where I have the baby Sept. 1st. I dont know.
Let's see where the next week takes me. I have been running around like a chicken with no head for three months and now I get to see my rock. I cant wait.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One Week Later...

...and all is well. Last Tuesday, Mr. G went off to boot camp. It has been a very hard week. New Schedules, new rountines all on an emotional rollercoaster. I feel homesick but I am home. I hate this empty feeling. It's only the begnning of 2008 and its been crazy. As if time as stood still.

Friday, January 18, 2008

List#3: Things a love about my kids

The Greatest thing that ever happen to me.

1-They always make my day better.
2- Doing the robot with Becky.
3- Big Al's cheesy smile.
4- Watching Ninja Warrior and trying to talk Japanese during the show.
5- Teaching them someone new
6-Alexander is so tall for his age.
7- Big Bea's vocabulary.
8- Big Al's screams for joy.
9- Going out for pizza and talking about the day.
10-Going on a kiddie rollercoster with Big Bea.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

List#2: Favorite Foods

Here is a list of my all time favorite foods.

10- Cheese. All types.
9- Thanksgiving Turkey.
8- Raisin bagel with cream cheese with a cup of coffee.
7- Papuas. A Salvadorian tortalla with cheese, beans or meat inside.
6- Lemon Chicken
5- Tomatoes
4- Pernil. Season and baked pork shoulder.
3- Pastels during the holidays
2- Pizza from Full Moon on Arthur Ave
1- Rice and Beans. A staple in a Puerto Rican Home.

Yummy yummy

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

List#1: To do

Joining on the list fun with Andrea. Here is today's list. This list is the to do list running in my head.

1- Clean desk (this task is always on my list)
2- Buy more gum for my purse
3- Start another scarf
4- Figure out how to do avoid morning sickness
5- Get coffee now!
6- Paint nails
7- Make Per'zine for swap
8- Catch up with inchies for 100 inchies in 100 days swap.
9- What's for dinner? Chicken or Beef?
10- Bedtime change for kiddies. Alexander -8:00 Rebecka - 8:30 ?? Not sure
Should I start today or Monday?
11- American Idol tonight YES!!
12- Did I say coffee?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 & Flan: Spanish Egg-Custard

After the roller coaster ride of '07 I am ready for solid ground. 2008 already doesn't seem like its going to give me the solid ground I need.
My husband sign up of the Marines a few months ago. He is set to go to boot camp on January 22nd. I am going to hold back my comments about that.

I am still out of work because of an accident. I am suppose to go back next Monday but find out Friday if I can go back or home for another month. I don't mind being home with the baby but its nice to get a full pay check.

So to ring in the new year here are my resolutions for 2008:(most of them are from my list Before I am 30 )

1- Lose weight
2- Knit a pair of socks
3- Drink enough water everyday
4- Take my vitamins
5- 30 minutes of exercise of some sort everyday.
6- Continue
7- Limited time of computer, come up with a schedule and stick to it
8- Try a few new recipes
9- Learn to drive by 04/06/08
10- Reduce stress
In addition, on new years eve I made some Flan. I've always wanted to learn. So I looked it up here. Here is how I did it:

Flan (Spanish Egg custard)

1 can evaporated milk
1 can condensed milk
5 whole eggs
½ cup of sugar
1 tsp vanilla
pinch of salt
Pre Heat oven to 350º.
Blend all ingredients until completely mixed.

Pour the flan right into the caramelized pan.
Set the pan in a broiling pan.
Cook in a 350º oven for one hour.
At 30 minutes check to see if it's getting too brown on top - if so cover loosely with foil.
Test the flan to see if it's done by inserting a knife in the center.
If the flan is still soft, let it cook longer until a knife inserted again comes out clean.
Remove from the oven carefully and let it sit on the counter until it cools.
Then cover with foil and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.

To serve lay a plate on top of the mold then carefully flip it over and slide the mold off.
Stove Top Caramel -

Melt 1cup sugar in a non-stick pan, over low heat. Keep your eye on it. If it burns you will have to start over. It just needs to melt that's all. Using a non stick pan will cause the caramel to just slip off the pan when pouring - easy to clean later. Immediately pour the caramel into a metal pan and swirl it around to cover the bottom and sides. Your have to be quick because once it starts to cool down you don't stand a chance.

Thank you El Boricua for the recipe.
P.S. I couldn't take a picture of the flipped over flan because a few hungry Puerto Ricans go to it.