Tuesday, October 30, 2007

S-U-C-C-E-S-S Spells Success!

I am done with my 60 Consecutive Days of photos. You can see all 60 pictures here. I am super excited that I completed this task on my list.
I am going to write a little about my last three pictures.

This picture is of the Bronx Tour Trolley. This trolley is a replica of an early 20th-century trolley car. The tour travels thru my neighborhood. I live in the Belmont. You ask anyone who lives in this area they will tell you that this area is the City's true Little Italy.

Everyday is always a craft day. Big Bea loves cutting, pasting and creating. Here she is making her very own inchies. This is my desk. The never ending mess. I clean it and clean it and its never clean. This is where I am creative. I alter pictures, create Atc's and learn new crafts here. I just learn how to make a zine.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


It was a perfect day to make sit-a-pons. It was rainy and cold today. This is the fourth time my troop has made sit-a-pons in the last three years. In the pass, it never failed, someone always ends up crying. This year was successful. NO TEARS!

We made our sit-a-pons by weaving new paper strips into a square. To make the sit-a-pons waterproof the girls had to go home and wrap the square in contact paper. I can't wait to see the finish products next Saturday.

Friday, October 26, 2007

93.33% Done

I am so happy that I am almost done with My 60 Consecutive Days of Photos. It has been a really big challenge. Sometimes I just wasn't in the mood and other days I would completely forget. I want my last days of this challenge to be great ones. Today's picture was extra fun.
Big Bea and I were trying to get Big Al's Custom on to make sure that it fits. I think that was more of a challenge then the 60 Consecutive Days.
It was super funny to see a duck crawling around the apartment. I can't wait until Halloween.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

40 Things Before I am 30 Revised

On August 16, I posted 40 Things Before I am 30. I am have to revised that list due to a recent event. This event changes everything that I want to complete in the next 894 days. In fact it changed everything for the next eight years.

My husband, Mr. G has enlisted in the United Stated Marine Corp Reserves. He will be attending boot camp Jan 2008 for 13 weeks. He will return for ten days and leave for another 13 weeks for more training. This makes me very sad and angry. I feel this way because he is going to be gone. He is going to miss five birthday parties and our second wedding anniversary in 2008. I am going to be alone with my kids for 26 weeks to start.

So my list has to be cut.

The cuts are in a small font.

1-Complete my B.S.
2-Finish all the pages in all four of my scrapbook before I get more pages. (1 of 4 complete)
3- Learn to speak Spanish clearly.

4- Learn a third language.
5- Buy one lotto ticket a month. (I won $7 last week)
6-Learn how to knit and knit a pair of socks.
7-Take one photograph a day for 60 consecutive days.(Completed October 30, 2007.)
8-Learn to play the trumpet.
9- Drink @ least eight glasses of water each day.
10- Take my vitamins everyday, twice a day.
11-30 minutes of exercise everyday.
12- Continue blogging.
13- Make a quilt for Rebecka and Alexander.
14- Keep my CPR & First Aid certificates valid.
15-Donate Blood.
16-Do five random acts of kindness.
17- Limited computer time, come up with a schedule and stick to it.
18- Be halfway debt free.
19-Back up my computer once a month.
20-Go to Puerto Rico and visit grandma.
21- Cook 10 new recipes. (3 out of 10)
22- Read two classic novels.

23- Purchase a bicycle.
24- Take a photography class.
25- Just let it go.
26- Renew my wedding vows and have a party to celebrate, since we never had a wedding.
27- Plant a tree.
28- Learn not to say yes when I really mean no.
29- Learn to ballroom dance.
30- Learn to drive.
31- Lose 100 lbs.
32- Get an awesome tattoo.
33- Organize a community event.
34- Learn to hand toss pizza dough.
35-Have my palm read.
36- Go to bed no later then 10 pm and wake up at 6 am everyday, even the weekends.
37-No junk food after 7 pm.
38- Teach Rebecka to sew and crochet.
39- Do something special for my birthday.
40- Have a third child.

I am down to 24 things. Its a sad day for Mom.

Monday, October 22, 2007

My Latest Scraps.

Green grass does grow in the Bronx. This summer was great with the kids. I revisited it with these two scarps.
I took this picture at the Bronx Zoo. It was Vicky 5th Birthday. O man was the Zoo crowded. The kids enjoyed themselves and that's what counts.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Trigger Happy - Circles

Here is my latest photography swap. The challenge: take pictures of the first five things that I see related to circle. I decided to look around my living room and start shooting. I hope you enjoy. Glue stick cover on my desk. I was starting my ATCs for the Seven + One Challenge Volume 2.
Buttons on my cork board over my desk.
My metal.
My very first digital camera. That is now Big Bea's. She loves it.
Family and Friends patch on Rebecka's Daisy uniform.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Is that your son?' said the child.

"No, he is not my son" I replied.

This school year my assignment changed. Normally, I am assigned as the Library Paraprofessional. Done to some underhanded stuff, I am not. I have been assigned to two children. Hector and Byron. They have a landuary list of issues and problems. They were misplaced in our school. I feel that I am not the best person to service them because I only speak English and they only speak Spanish. Everyday I fight to have them placed in a school best for them. Four weeks and nothing.

Hector has been absent for two and half weeks for reasons not good enough for me. That time without Hector has given Byron and I time to "connect." He has learn a few words in english; like, sit, pencil, lunch and cookie. I have learn some spanish; like mirada, lápiz, línea and almuerzo. I write about Byron today because he reached a milestone today. He offically give me a name. He can't say Mrs. G let alone Mrs. Guobadia. I am "Tia." Tia is aunt in spanish. I was wondering what he was saying all day and it hit me when I was putting him on the school bus. That is my name . He is offically attached. Which is great and sad at the same time. Great because he is comfortable at school now. Bad because this is not the setting for him and I getting to be moved back to the library.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Girl Scout Big Bea

The new scouting year has begun. This is Big Bea last year as a Daisy Girl Scout. Brownie level here we come. So, we want to go out with a bang. For the last two years Rebecka has been the top fundraiser in our troop for the Family and Friends campaign. It helps that Mommy is the Troop Leader. (wink wink)
Last year, we bought in an amazing $300. Right on! This year I want to reach the same goal. When we reach our goal, Rebecka gets $75 towards her camping trip.This will be Big Bea's first time at camp. She is six and she is old enough to go. The wait seem forever.

I know it sounds corny but this is how you can help. You can make an online donation using this link Family & Friends 2007. When you donate $25 or more you get a really cool Girl Scout window decal. AWESOME!
For every dollar raised Rebecka gets $.25 towards her trip.
Thanks in advance.