Friday, June 29, 2007

Walker Baby

Big Al is a walker baby. He loves his walker. He can chase his sister and cousins all around.
His control over it is amazing. I think he prefer it over walking because walking is too slow for him. He has a need for speed. I can't wait until the day he realizes that walking is the best(for mom that is).
Until tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Spenting time with Big Bea is the great thing in the world. She was very cheerful and helpful. It kills me when she has to spend time with her father. Days without her is like having no water. I am going to miss her for the next couple of days.

Until tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Scrap Please

My new hobby... Scrap booking. I started scrapping less then a year ago. It has help me expression my artsy fartsy side. It also helps me control my anger. Here are two pieces in my 8x8 book. Enjoy!!

Until tomorrow.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Fab Grad!

As the kindergarten kids file in the hot auditorium, Big Bea combs the crowd in search of her cheering section. "MOMMY!" I was so happy to hear my favorite name.

The ceremony was very short and sweet. That's the way its suppose to be.
The next step is first grade, but not at 50. Looking at the coming school year's list of teacher for 1st grade. EKKK!!!! Anyone with a child going to 1st need to run for the hills.

So, she is going to 32 in the fall. I hope for the best.

Until tomorrow!

Sunday, June 24, 2007


After reading a few blogs these weekend, I said to myself... Self you need to start a blog. Then I said to myself... Self what are you going to talk about? Let try talking about this:

Thru out my 27 years of living on Earth I have had many names. Hey You, Amy Fisher, Aims, Katrina, Bebs, Babe, Ms. Vega and now Mrs. Guobadia. None of those names compare to having the name: MOM. Being a mother is a very powerful position in the make up of a family. In fact, being a mother is a very powerful position in the make up of society. Society is going down hill because mothers see it unnecessary to led by example. Today was browsing thru MySpace and came across a profile of a 31 year old mother posing for pics with guns in her hands. She is wonderful example of what we call a bad mother. I know I'll never be called a bad mother. Call me a bad mother and you are asking for a fight. I will forever be Big Al and Big Bea's Mom. That title will never go out of style.
March 2001 is when I officially became a mother. Now, six years later my first born Big Bea is graduating for Kindergarten tomorrow. This is a very great educational milestone. She is no longer a baby. First grade here she comes.
She is the sweetest six year old you'll never meet. She is always happy and very understanding. She loves to help out in anyway that she can. I can see her being a
great success in everything that she wants to do. I am so proud to be called Big Bea's Mom.
August 2006 I was blessed with my son. My boy, Big Al. You will fall in love with him the moment you meet him. He is great big baby. He is the size of a two year since he was 8 months. I think he grows 1cm every night. My boy is always ready to learn something. He wants to hear everyone talk. You can hear and see his language developing. His favorite word of course is: MMMA!
Until tomorrow.